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It's war again ... against weeds

Winter is closing and spring is soon upon us. New green growth will be starting and amongst that growth will be a flush of noxious weeds.  This is the best time to control your annual weeds, and if you're contemplating the upcoming battle and need a helping hand, call Duke at the Extension Office, (208) 267-5341, or send him an email to


The Neighborhood Cooperative Weed Program should be available again this year. This is a fantastic program where qualified applicants can receive reimbursement for chemicals purchased up to $500, depending on funding received from the Idaho Department of Agriculture. Applications are avaiable at the extension office and must be returned by March 31st.


In 2014, 42 landowners treated over 500 acres in Boundary County, receiving $10,427 in reimbursements for herbacides purchased.


Let us help you with your weed concerns!

Spray Rentals Price Sheet

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3   $5.00
Backpack 3   $5.00
Backpack 3   $5.00
Backpack 3   $5.00




Electric 15' boom jet


Slip-Tank, Slide-in

60 Electric, 10' boom $20.00
3-point hitch 55 Electric, 10' boom $20.00
Slip-Tank, Slide-in 60 Gas, boomless $20.00

Slip-Tank, Slide-in

100 Gas, 200' hose $20.00

Slip-Tank, Slide-in

300 Gas, 21' boom $50.00

  Boundary County is committed to the control of the spread of noxious weeds, which are plant species not native to the area and which cause harmful effects on native flora and fauna.  Since 1994, 65 of these plant species have been designated as noxious weeds by Idaho law; several of which exist in Boundary County.  Noxious weeds cost Idaho farmers over $200 million per year in crop losses, an amount which would be greater if not for the expenditure of over $50 million each year in noxious weed suppression.  In addition, noxious weeds adversely impact wildlife habitat and recreational areas.

   While Boundary County does spray and utilize other methods to control and contain noxious weeds on public property and rights of way, it is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure that noxious weeds are controlled on their land.  The Boundary County weed superintendent can be of great help in assisting property owners determine the most efficient and effective method of controlling noxious weeds, and in helping property owners identify noxious weeds.

   If a property owner fails to take steps necessary to contain, eradicate or control noxious weeds, Idaho law allows the county, at the discretion of County Commissioners upon advice from the weed superintendent, to take those steps deemed necessary at the property owner's expense; if these expenses aren't met, a lien will be placed on the property, which could lead to foreclosure.

   To find out what weeds are listed as noxious in Idaho and Boundary County, use the "Noxious Weed List" link in the upper left hand corner. To find out more about some of the more prevalent noxious weeds found in Boundary County, including photos and methods of control, click the picture of spotted knapweed in the upper right corner.

   If you do not wish to have herbicides sprayed on county-owned rights of way adjacent to your property, click the "No Spray Agreement" link in the upper left hand corner for a printable form, which should be submitted to the Weed Control Superintendent.