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In their Memory

These are Boundary County residents who made the ultimate sacrifice

in service to their country:



John Eickhammer, Army, 1918

Cpl Orville Brandt, Marine Corps, 1918

Pvt. William Atkins, Army, 1918

Paul Peter, Army

Pvt. Bertie Atkins, Army, 1918

Louis F. Stone, Army, 1918

Henry Nelson, AEF, 1918

Ralph Fisher, Navy, 1918

Charles Zimmerman, Navy, 1919

Carlisle Smith, Navy, 1919



Gordon Marcy, Navy, 1942

FC2 R. Carl Slater, Navy, 1942

Raymond Galbraith, 1943

2LT Russell Wilson, Army, 1943

FC3 Harold Douglas, Navy, 1943

Cpl. Robert S. Johnson, Air Corps, 1943

SC2 Roderick Hill, Navy, 1943

Pvt. Dorville "Jack" Walter, 1943

SC2 Floyd C. Suthard, Navy, 1943

Walter Hendricks, Navy Air Force, 1943

1LT Burness McFarland, Army, 1943

WO2 Robert Armstrong, AAF, 1944

Cecil Winter, 1944

2LT William C. Fee, Army, 1944

Carl Skans, Army, 1944

SSG Cecil Lannigan, Army, 1944

PFC Eugene E. Rogers, Army, 1944

Pvt. Charles V. Watters, Army, 1944

Pvt. Robert E. Litalien, Army, 1944

1SG Richard Knowles, Army, 1944

Robert A. Gross, Army, 1944

Flight Officer William L. O'Brian, Air Force, 1944

1LT Lyle McGlocklin, Air Corps, 1944

Pvt. Arthur King, Army, 1944

Pvt. Leon Strand, Army, 1944

CPT Cecil R. Welchko, Army, 1944

Eldon Clark, Air Corps, 1945

Pvt. Charles Lamson, Army, 1945

Pvt. Paul Scheffner, Army, 1945

Walden "Pete" Lathrom, Army, 1945

PFC Arthur C. Rogers, Army, 1945

Pvt. Eldon D. Howard, Army, 1945

Pfc. Earl Yeoumans, Army, 1945

SSG Harold K. Frederickson, Air Force, 1945

Tech Sgt. Ferol Z. Girton, Army, 1947



Sgt. David L. Graham, Army, 1951

Cpl. Richard E. Waller, Marine Corps, 1952

1LT Robert D. McDonald, Army, 1952



Bob Hansen

Tom Peterson

Don Thompson

Philip Nichols

Keith Shipp

Mike Richards