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Upcoming Projects

Boundary County Road & Bridge will be replacing 2 bridges in 2018, Caribou Creek Bridge and Snow Creek Bridge. Both are located on Lions Den Road. These bridges are circa 1955, single lane, timber bridges. The new bridges will be a basic design bridge utilizing pre-fabricated steel bridge sections and precast concrete abutments. Both of these bridges provide access to recreation areas for motorized visitors along with non-motorized visitors accessing the Selkirk Recreation Area via Lions Den Road and Snow Creek Road (USFS 402).

It will be a huge safety improvement by replacing single lane bridges with 2 lane bridges allowing safer travel for motorized recreation users sharing the road with local industry, including logging trucks, at the same time making a better access point for recreation users to the Selkirk Recreation Area.

Kootenai Trail-Atkins Canyon slide repair project is in preliminary design stages.

Engineering design for the Deep Creek Loop MP 1.1 slide repair has begun.

Road & Bridge will keep this project page updated as new milestones are passed and updates are available.

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