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Caribou Creek Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

Boundary County is submitting a proposal to The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Grant Application (Recreational Road & Bridge Fund). This is for a grant to improve a specific area that provides motorized access to recreation sites in Boundary County.

The project is to replace a 1955, single lane, timber bridge, located on Lions Den Road approximately 1/2 mile south of the Snow Creek Bridge. The new bridge will be a basic design bridge utilizing pre-fabricated steel bridge sections and precast concrete abutments. This bridge provides access to recreation areas for motorized visitors along with non-motorized visitors accessing the Selkirk Recreation Area via Lions Den Road and Snow Creek Road (USFS 402). Our application is seeking funding to cover the cost of the bridge structure itself, with Boundary County Road & Bridge forces installing the bridge and completing the work. The total project cost is estimated to be $225,000, with a grant amount of less than $100,000 for the bridge structure.

This would be a huge safety improvement by replacing a single lane bridge with a 2 lane bridge allowing safer travel for motorized recreation users sharing the road with local industry, including logging trucks, at the same time making a better access point for recreation users to the Selkirk Recreation Area.

Following is a list of the many access points via the Caribou Creek Bridge:
Roman Nose Lake, Bottleneck Lake, Snowmobile trails, Lloyd Hughes Snowmobile Park providing 44 miles of trails in the Snow Creek area, Snow Creek Park, Snow Creek Pond (where Idaho Fish and Game usually hosts a Free Fishing Day Co-Sponsored by the Bonners Ferry Lions Club), Snow Lake, Snow Creek Falls, Cook’s Peak, Caribou Creek for fly fishing, huckleberry picking, mushroom hunting, and parking areas for horse trailers on horseback trips.

Applications are due January 27, 2017.

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