Dates to Remember

January 1

The date property is valued. Interest is applied to the prior years' taxes.

April 15

Last day to file for Homeowners Exemption or Circuit Breaker Exemption through the Assessor's Office.

1st Monday of June

Assessment notices mailed by the Assessor's Office.

June 20

Second installment of taxes due.

June 21

Late charges and interest are added to delinquent taxes and calculated from January 1.

4th Monday of June

Final day to file a protest of property valuation with the County Assessor.


The tax deed process begins on third-year delinquent taxes.


Tax notices are mailed as early in November as possible, but no later than the 4th Monday of the month.

December 20

Last day to pay current year taxes without a late charge.

December 21

Late charge is applied to all unpaid first half taxes.

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