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Licensing Fees

Class D license or renewal:

1-year Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP) (age 17), $12.25; 3-year (under 18), $20.50; 3-year (18-21), $20.59; 1-year (age 20), $12.25; 4-year (21 and over), $24.50; 8-year (21-62) $45.

Instruction permit (IP): $11.50

Knowledge test: $3.00

Skills test: $15.00

Duplicate license/IP/SIP: $11.50

Commercial driver training permit/SIP: $10.00

Driver training instruction permit/SIP: $30.00


Commercial (Class A, B & C)

License: 1-year (age 20), $12.25; 3-year (age 18-21), $20.50; 4-year (age 21 and over), $28.50.

Instruction permit: $19.50

Knowledge test: $3.00

Skills test: $55.00

Endorsement knowledge test: $3.00

Additional endorsement: $11.50

Duplicate license: $11.50

License upgrade: $15.50

Seasonal (six month) CDL: $27.50


Motorcycle (In addition to above licenses)

Instruction permit: $11.50

Duplicate permit: $11.50

Knowledge test: $3.00

Skills test: $5.00

One-time "M" endorsement: $11.50


Identification card:

Under age 18: $6.50

Age 18-21: $6.50

4-year (21 and over): $7.50

8-year (21 and over): $15.00


*Test fees not refundable if test failed, fee required for each re-test


(208) 267-3151, Extension 26

The Boundary County Sheriffs Office is responsible for issuing Idaho drivers licenses and Idaho identification cards in Boundary County.  The drivers licensing department is located in the sheriff's office and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays; however, no drivers tests will be administered after 4 p.m. and no CDL tests will be administered after 2 p.m. The office is closed from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. for lunch.


All Idaho residents who plan to drive cars, trucks, motorcycles or other motor vehicles are required to obtain a valid Idaho drivers license, and those who move to Idaho from another state and hold valid licenses from that state or country have up to 90 days (30 days for Commercial licenses) during which to obtain an Idaho drivers license and surrender their license issued by another state.  Those who hold valid licenses issued by another country do not have to surrender their license, but must obtain a valid Idaho drivers license if taking up residence in the state.


If you hold a Canadian drivers license and you are applying for an Idaho license, you must have a clearance letter from the Canadian province of issue, a letter of denial from the Social Security Administration unless you are a U.S. citizen returning to the United States, and proof of residency or a statement stating you are here as a visitor for six months. You must take the written and skills tests, and the province issuing your Canadian license will be notified if you are issued an Idaho license.


Active duty members of the U.S. military and their dependents are not required to obtain an Idaho drivers license if they hold a valid license issued by another state, but may obtain one if they so choose.  Likewise, students who claim residency in other states and hold a valid license from that state are not required to obtain an Idaho license unless they choose to do so.


Applicants for a new Idaho drivers license must provide the following information prior to taking their drivers tests; a Social Security Card (in the applicant's current name), a declaration of residency (school enrollment records, utility bills, lease or purchase agreements, etc.), proof of age and identity (drivers license or identification card issued in Idaho or another state not expired more than one year, certified original or abstract birth certificate, valid Immigration and Naturalization card, valid military ID with photo, Idaho concealed weapons permit not expired more than one year, pilot's license with photo not expired more than one year and/or a Veteran's Universal Access Card with photo.


Other documents which can be used to substantiate age and identity are listed in the Idaho Drivers Manual.


If the applicant is under 17 years of age, proof of completion of an approved driver training course meeting Idaho Department of Education guidelines must be provided; if the applicant is 18 or younger proof of enrollment in or graduation of a recognized school or drivers program is required.


Drivers under the age of 17 must also successfully complete a Supervised Instruction Period (SIP) before being eligible to apply for a drivers license. Those under the age of 16 are only eligible to drive during daylight hours unless accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the passenger seat.


Applicants for Idaho drivers licenses must take a vision test, which may be taken with or without glasses.  First time, out of state and some others must take a written test to assure knowledge of Idaho traffic laws, highway signs, etc.


Those seeking to obtain Idaho Class A, B or C licenses must also know information found in the Commercial Driver's License Manual, and those seeking a drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement, required for the operation of any motorcycle with an engine displacement greater than 51cc, must take the written motorcycle test, regardless of whether such an endorsement was previously obtained in another state. 


The drivers license examiner may also require the applicant to take a road test.  Some instances where road tests are required include those whose previous license has been expired for one year or more, first time drivers who have not completed driver training or when the examiner has some reason to believe the applicant lacks the skills or knowledge necessary to operate a vehicle safely.


A motorcycle safety rider course is required for applicants under age 21 seeking a motorcycle endorsement or when adding this endorsement for the first time.


Additional information can be found in the Idaho Driver's Manual, available at any Idaho sheriffs office or vehicle licensing office, or by visiting