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The law enforcement profession has a very stringent employment process to insure that only the best will be called to serve in this high level of trust and responsibility. You must possess integrity, strong communication skills, a firm and reassuring manner and sound judgment under pressure.


All applicants must meet all requirements listed in each specific job posting and comply with standards established for all Boundary County employees. Additionally, each successful Sheriff's Office candidate will meet the following minimum requirements:


1. NO conviction or commission of a felony as an adult (except as established at 2 and 3, below, and a case-by-case review of juvenile felony convictions). This policy also includes withheld judgments as convictions.
2. NO "soft" illegal drug use in the past three years, i.e.: marijuana, illegal use of prescription drugs, glue/gasoline/paint huffing, etc.
3. NO "hard" illegal drug use in the past five years, i.e.: methamphetamine, LSD, cocaine, heroin, etc.
  NOTE: Numbers 2 and 3 deal only with use and/or possession. Sale, transportation, manufacture and/or association with anyone involved in the listed activities will be cause for disqualification. An exception to this policy may be granted for a single, experimental, one-time use of marijuana or huffing only within the time periods described. Polygraph confirmation is required before an exception may be considered.
4. General misdemeanor convictions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, however, NO convictions for domestic battery, child abuse, stalking or "peeping Tom" type crimes. Any criminal probation must already have been served.
5. NO D.U.I. convictions in the past three years. This policy will also include withheld judgments as convictions.
6. If driving is an essential function of the position, NO driver's license suspensions in the past three years for violations relating to D.U.I., chemical test refusal or points assessed due to moving traffic violations.
7. NO dishonorable discharges from any U.S. military force.