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This is a general outline of the process the Boundary County Sheriff's Office uses in evaluating potential new employees:


Preliminary Application Review:

Once we have received your application and other required materials, they are thoroughly reviewed. ALL applications submitted are reviewed for consideration.


Physical Agility Test and Written Pre-Employment Examination

Those applying for positions that require a physical agility test and/or written examination will be notified by telephone, mail or email. Those who pass the tests and are approved to proceed in the hiring process are called and an interview arranged. Those not approved to proceed are so notified by mail.


The Boundary County Sheriff's Office utilizes the Idaho POST Physical Fitness Test Battery (PFTB), adopted June 5, 1997. Each of the five PFTB tests measures a different component of physical fitness, each of which is a determinate of an officer's ability to perform essential job tasks. All tests in the battery must be performed according to published protocols. All candidates must meet these minimum standards in order to continue with the selection process. Applicants who fail to obtain the minimum score in any of the five fitness tests will be ineligible for hire by the Boundary County Sheriff's Office as a commissioned officer. The events and minimum standards are:



Vertical Jump 14"
One Minute Sit-ups 15
Push Ups 21
300-Meter Run 77 seconds
1.5-Mile Run/Walk 17:17 minutes


Oral Interview Board

The interview, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes, gives us a chance to meet the person behind the application and to better familiarize you with the steps being taken to fill a particular position. One to three people conduct interviews for every position. The same interview questions are asked of all applicants for the same position.


After oral interviews are completed, applicants are again graded. The oral interview score and written examination score are combined into an aggregate score, and these scores are then ranked.


Depending on the circumstances, top candidates may be sent a conditional offer of employment, which is not a final job offer. Candidates who are not selected are notified of the final outcome of the application process by mail.


Conditional Offer of Employment

Applicants receiving a conditional offer must complete a personal history statement and agree to undergo a series of evaluations, including (in sequential order):

  • Criminal Records Check, where we review the applicant's criminal history.

  • Polygraph Examination, where applicants are asked to undergo a polygraph examination by a certified polygraph examiner on our staff. After the polygraph session is completed, the examiner prepares a report which is later reviewed.

  • Credit Check Background Investigation, in which a background investigator will do further research and conduct some interviews about the applicant. Once this is completed, the investigator prepares a report which is later reviewed.

  • Psychological Evaluation (Patrol Deputy positions only) performed by an examiner hired by the Boundary County Sheriff's Office.

  • Medical Examinations (Patrol and Detention Deputy positions). If required, the applicant will receive a form to be filled out by his or her own doctor for submission to the Boundary County Sheriff's Office. Medical examinations may be done by the physician of your choice, at the expense of the applicant.

Final Determination

Following completion of all the above-required steps, all application materials are again reviewed by the supervisors of the position and the sheriff, and a final hiring determination made. The applicant selected is notified, and if the position is accepted, all other applicants are notified of the decision by mail.