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The Boundary County Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving all State of Idaho issued subpoenas, summons, complaints and petitions, and also serves all writs of executions, garnishments, civil warrants, writs of attachments and eviction notices.


As of October 1, 1998, a review of workload and budget determined that the Sheriff's Office will not accept the following categories of civil process: summons and complaints, notices of claim, subpoenas for civil cases, writs of review, restraining orders, orders to show cause and other miscellaneous orders and notices. These categories do not require service by a sheriff's deputy and state statutes do not compel the Sheriff's Office to accept them for service. A list of process servers who have advised this office of their availability to assist in serving civil process papers is included below.


In order to have papers served, a written and signed letter of instruction must be prepared, specifying who is to be served and the physical address of the individual to be served. Post office boxes, home carrier routes (HCRs) and mail route addresses are not acceptable. If the physical address is unavailable or remote, a map showing the location should be provided.


If the service is for a claim against personal or real property, the letter of instruction must also describe exactly what is to be levied upon, with sufficient identification detail to ensure that the property cannot be mistaken for any other.


If the letter of instruction is to levy a garnishment, it must be accompanied by three copies of the writ of execution, signed by a judge, and two copies of the actual judgment. The letter of instruction must also describe exactly what the sheriff's office is directed to do and must include the name of the defendant, their social security number, residential mailing address, place of work and work mailing address. The letter of instruction must have attached two stamped envelopes and include a $50 advanced sheriff's fee, except when the service is pre-approved.


Writs of Execution for a bank levy require the same information as with a garnishment, but also require an additional $5 check made out to the financial institution requesting the levy.

Process Server List

Boundary County, Idaho


This list of names is provided to the Sheriff's Office by private citizens and may not represent all those qualified to serve processes in Boundary County. This list does not represent a recommendation by the Boundary County Sheriff's Office.





Rick Alonzo

PO Box 101

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

208 267-2103


PO Box 732

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-0732

208 667-4618

Rob Braniff

PO Box 1551

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

208 267-9614

Lynda Ekstrom

PO Box 69

Naples, ID 83847

208 267-7810

Rod McNair

PO Box 1165

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

208 267-5767

Tom Vinion

4916 N Glen Brooks Rd

Otis Orchards, WA 99027

509 927-8898

Cell 208 290-2630