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Most maintenance work to county roads occur during the summer months.  During the oiling season, the "hot" part of the summer, crews patch hard-surfaced roads by hand and with graders, using asphalt mix batched by the crushing crew at the county gravel pit.  County road and bridge crews also chip-seal county roads, a task many state and local jurisdictions have done by private contractors. Doing the task ourselves is extremely cost-effective and allows the county to preserve and manage its county road system.

   About 90% of hard-surfaced roads in the Boundary County road system are paved using cold-mix asphalt, with 100% of the work done by the county crew. While this method provides a thinner surface "mat" than using hot-mix asphalt, which is more desirable but much more expensive, the county is able to maintain more miles of hard-surfaced roads without increasing the budget or reducing other road maintenance costs.