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Chapter 7, Section 8

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Section 7: General Standards for Commercial and Industrial Uses:
    A. All permanently installed exterior lighting shall be placed and designed so as not to be directed on adjoining properties.
    B. Flammable liquids, gases, explosive materials, radioactive materials or hazardous chemical or biological agents shall be stored and handled in compliance with all current regulations of the United States and the State of Idaho. In all instances where such agents are stored or held for disposal, permanent security fencing, facilities or structures shall be an integral part of an approved site plan.
    C. Dust from roads, parking areas and commercial or industrial activities shall be controlled by landscaping, paving, periodic application of dust suppression materials or the installation of filters, as appropriate.
    D. No commercial or industrial use shall emit toxic or corrosive fumes or gases so as to constitute a nuisance to surrounding properties or hazard to public safety.