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Chapter 7, Section 7

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Section 6: Industrial
    A. Purpose: To provide locations for industrial and manufacturing uses which, by their nature, may not be compatible with uses permitted in other districts.
    B. Permitted Uses: 
        1. Industrial and commercial uses and structures, with approved site plans, on parcels of sufficient size to accommodate the specific use but not less than one fourth (1/4) acre in size.
        2. An owners or caretakers residence, located within the same structure or on the same parcel, as the industrial or commercial use.
        3. Public service facilities, with approved site plans.
    C. Special Uses: All uses not specifically listed as a permitted or prohibited use by this section are eligible for consideration as a special use subject to the provisions of Chapter 13.
    D. Prohibited Uses: Residential uses except as specified at B2 of this section.