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Chapter 7, Section 5

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Section 4: Residential
    A. Purpose: Pursuant to the provisions of Title 67, Chapter 65, Idaho Code, to allow for residential uses within incorporated areas of impact.
    B. Uses by Right: Accessory structures and uses customary to any permitted use.
    C. Permitted Uses:
        1. One (1) single family or duplex dwelling on a single parcel of land located in a designated incorporated city area of impact, provided that the lot meets the minimum lot size requirement of the city to which the area of impact is attached and the minimum setback requirements established by this ordinance or by the incorporated city, whichever is more stringent.
        2. Home based businesses.
        3. Zero lot line residences, subject to the provisions of Chapter 14, Section 4.
        4. One (1) single family residence on any parcel of land created pursuant to and in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 15 of this ordinance.
    D. Conditional Uses: The following uses are eligible for a conditional use permit subject 
to the provisions of Chapter 12:
        1. Public and private parks.
        2. Open space recreational facilities.
    E. Special Uses: Any use not specified in this section as a use by right or a conditional use are eligible for consideration as a special use, subject to the provisions of Chapter 13.
    F. Setback requirements: Setbacks for all structures: Front yard, twenty five (25) feet; side yard, ten (10) feet; rear yard, twenty (20) feet; flanking street on corner lot, fifteen (15) feet.