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Chapter 7, Section 3

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(AS AMENDED DECEMBER, 2001 and AUGUST 26, 2008)

Section 2: Agriculture/Suburban

A.  Purpose:  To provide for large-lot residential uses with are compatible with surrounding lands and suitable for smaller scale agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry activities.

            B.  Uses by Right

1.  General agriculture, animal husbandry and silvicultural uses except as listed as conditional uses within this chapter.

2.  Agricultural structures, on-site produce stands.

3.  Accessory structures to any permitted use.

C.  Permitted Uses

            1.  One single family residence on parcels not less than five (5) acres in size.

            2.  One single family residence on a non-conforming lot of record, subject to the provisions of Chapter 8.

            3.  Public and private parks.

            4.  Home based businesses.

            5.  One (1) single family dwelling on any parcel of land created pursuant to and in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 15 of this ordinance.

D.  Conditional Uses:  The following uses are eligible for a conditional use permit subject to the provisions of Chapter 12.

1.  Commercial businesses supplying products or services for agriculture and forestry production and harvest.

2.  Agricultural auction and sale yards.

3.  Commercial activities related to agriculture and/or silviculture but not related to production, including but not limited to equipment sales and service businesses, retail commercial greenhouses and nurseries and off-site produce stands.

4.  Public riding and rodeo arenas.

5.  Veterinary clinics, commercial kennels and commercial stables.

6.  Public cemeteries and tax-exempt churches and structures intended primarily as places of worship.

7. Public service facilities and wireless communications facilities.

8. More than one (1) single family dwelling or a duplex residential structure, provided that the parcel contains at least five (5) acres for each dwelling unit.

E.  Special Uses:  Any use not specified in this section as a use by right or conditional use is eligible for consideration as a special use, subject to the provisions of Chapter 13.

F.  Setback Requirements:  Setbacks for residential structures, accessory structures and agricultural structures:  Front yard, twenty five (25) feet; side yard, ten (10) feet; rear yard, twenty five (25) feet; flanking street on corner lot; fifteen (15) feet.