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Section 1: General: The fees specified in this chapter shall accompany the relevant application, and said application shall not be deemed complete until such fees are paid.

Section 2: Waiver of Fees: The board of county commissioners may, by simple majority vote, waive the fees specified in this chapter, in whole or in part, when:
    A. The application is submitted by Boundary County or another public agency, district or political subdivision of the state of Idaho.
     B. The imposition of fees would create an undue hardship to the applicant.
     C. The application is submitted to correct an error or omission existing through no fault of the applicant.

Section 3: (As amended December 27, 2005) Schedule of Fees: The following fees shall be assessed for:

A.     Zoning Certificate                                                                                $35

B.     Conditional Use Permit                                                                        $90

C.     Special Use Permit                                                                              $150

D.     Commercial/Industrial Site Plan (Commercial zoning certificate)            $50

E.      Change in Zone District Designation                                                     $125

F.      Variance                                                                                             $75

G.     Short Plat                                                                                            $35

H.     Long Plat                                                                                            $150

I.        Lot Line Adjustment                                                                            $75

J.       Certificates of Exemption                                                                      $20

K.    In addition to the above fees, applicants shall also reimburse Boundary County for first class mailings or display advertising as required by Chapter 16.

Section 5: No Fees for Application: No fees shall be assessed for the following:

    A. Appeals undertaken pursuant to Chapter 11.
    B. Applications submitted, sponsored or initiated by Boundary County Commissioners.
    C. Applications for adoption, amendment or repeal of the Boundary County Comprehensive Plan.
    D. Applications for adoption, amendment or repeal of this ordinance.
    E. Pre-application review.