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Section 1: General
A. Improvement plans shall be required when the installation of roads, utilities or public facilities are intended for dedication to Boundary County are required by the board as a provision of approval on subdivision, special use permits, conditional use permits or commercial/industrial site plans.
B. Improvement plans shall become part of the original application and shall include a general written summary of improvements, drawings and plans of the improvements prepared by a professional engineer or land surveyor, registered in the state of Idaho, a schedule of construction and estimated overall cost of the improvement.

Section 2: Guarantee of Installation:
A. Where improvements are not completed at the time of final permit or application approval, or within a reasonable time frame approved by the board and not exceeding twelve (12) months from the date of such approval, the applicant shall post a guarantee of installation to ensure the completion of said improvements.
B. A guarantee of installation will consist of a cash deposit, cash bond, corporate surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit in favor of Boundary County, or may be in such other form as specifically approved by the board.
C. A guarantee of installation shall be in amount not less than one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the cost estimated, by the applicant's surveyor, architect or engineer, for completion of the improvements.

Section 3: Release of Guarantee: Upon receipt of certification of completion of improvements, as defined by the Board of County Commissioners, the applicant shall request a hearing before the board to obtain release of guarantee. Based upon information provided during this meeting, the board may:
A. Table the request pending an on-site inspection of improvements by the board or its designated representative.
B. Release the guarantee of installation to the applicant by simple majority vote.
C. Deny release of guarantee of installation for cause in the event that improvements do not conform to the specifications of the improvement plan or application. Should release of guarantee be denied, the applicant will be notified of this decision and informed of remedies which would bring the improvements into compliance.
D. The board may not unreasonably withhold release of guarantee of installation, however, the board may, at its discretion and by simple majority vote, postpone the release of guarantee to a future date certain to insure that improvements will not require immediate repair at public expense.

Section 4: County Assumption of Guarantee
A. If improvements assured by guarantee of installation have not been completed within six (6) months of the date specified for completion, the board may initiate proceedings to forfeit the applicant's guarantee of installation.
B. Once the guarantee of installation is conveyed to Boundary County, in whole or in part, the board will maintain said funds in a separate account to be used to bring about construction or completion of improvements specified in the improvement plan. The board may use such funds for the county to complete the improvements or may seek bids for completion of improvements.
C. Should the actual costs of completion of the improvements exceed the guarantee of installation, the board may seek to recover the difference through appropriate civil action.