Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission

May 17, 2012

Members present: Ron Self, John Moss, John Cranor, Matt Cossalman, Marciavee Cossette.

Members absent: Bruce Behrman, Steve Shelman.

Staff present: Dan Studer.

  1. Matt Cossalman opened the meeting at 5:30 pm. First on the agenda was the reading of the March Minutes. Studer reported that the complete minutes have not been found at this time. Ron Self made motion to proceed without the reading of the minutes; second by John Cranor. Motion passed.

  2. Studer gave an update on business for the commission: no update on Tungsten Conditional Use 11-063, we are still waiting on more information to come forward from the applicant; the hearing for 11-064 Kootenai River Estates North and South will be on the Commissioners hearing agenda June 5, at 1:30.

  3. Cossalman opened the public hearing on Conditional Use Permit 12-017 at 5:35 pm. by reading the opening brief and the conditions set forth by the ordinance.

  4. Applicant Laura Kimball 219 Latigo Lane: Laura explained she was looking to place a mobile home on their property in order to house her mother and elderly grandmother. She explained that although the home may be under 900 sq.ft. she just wanted to make sure there would be no problem. The septic and power hookups have already been reviewed Panhandle Health, etc and it appears there are no issues or concerns there.

  5. John Cranor asked if the home were mobile or manufactured. Laura said mobile. No foundation. Moss: home will have separate septic. Nail: temporary home? home will not be permanent. Cossalman: would you have any objection to a condition to remove the mobile home after parents are no longer living there? No.

  6. Moss: would other relatives be moving in besides mother and grandmother? No.

  7. Cranor: Would there be an increase in driving on road by mother and grandmother? Laura, Just going to store and back. No other uses planned, mother is paid to take care of grandmother, so trips would be few.

  8. Studer gave a staff report: Road is private. Location as depicted on map shows no concern for building offsets. Driveway will be to private road. The comp. Plan Ag/Forestry was quickly reviewed by Studer. There are no presidents in this area that I’m aware of that may affect this application.

  9. Studer answered questions: Zone Ag/Forestry, Parcel is 5 acres (grandfathered). The parcel could be split to 2 ½ acres by gifting to relative, or variance applications. Matt: wanted to establish what could be done in this zone to split property.

  10. Studer read into the record a letter from Patrick Collins, dated May 15, 2012. Letter is on file in the record. Concern over road, increase in use, upkeep. Road is rough, has ruts in poor weather. Increase in density and effect on property value. Affect to wildlife, peace and quiet.

  11. Matt asked Laura for rebuttal: Father in law and husband are road contractors and work to maintain the road, a portion of concern was improved last year. Also concerned about land values, and will be affected also.

  12. Ron Nail: Would you object if we put in a condition not to rent the mobile home. No.

  13. Matt closed the meeting for public comment at 5:53. Commission discussion, John Cranor: apply two conditions, one don’t allow rental, and two require the home removed when vacated. Matt asked John to elaborate on concern. John Moss – likes not renting for income, different ball of wax, concerns. Likes to have it removed, allow 6 months to remove?

  14. Ron Self, remove home after the purpose is over (house mother and grandmother).

  15. Marciavee: concerned over rapid deterioration of homes after vacated. They detract from neighborhood.

  16. Ron Self; motion to approve with two conditions, one, renting will not be allowed, and two, once the mobile home is vacated it shall be removed from the property with in one year. Second by Moss. Members were ready to vote; the vote was unanimously in favor of the application.

  17. Matt read the next agenda item: application for member of the P&Z Commission. Studer stated there is only one application, which was handed out. Most members expressed concern over just one application to look at. John, John and Ron urged we seek more applicants. John Moss motioned we table and seek more applicants, second by ___. Motion passed unanimously. Studer will put out another press release.

  18. Matt ended the meeting at 6:06 pm. Next Meeting June 21, 2012.

Dan Studer, recorder