Press release - Home struck by bullet

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Emergency Management

Occupied Home Struck by Errant Bullet 11/30/17

On 11/30/17 at approximately 0800 hours the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in the Pleasant Valley area where a bullet had pierced a bedroom wall and struck an occupied bed.

The victim and wife had been asleep in their bed when the bullet came through the wall and struck the mattress only inches from the Reporting Party.

Investigating Deputies determined it was a bullet fired from a high powered rifle. The person responsible for firing the round is unknown

It is believed the round was fired from a cultivated field at least five hundred yards from the victim’s residence. It is not believed the residence was fired upon intentionally, however it is thought the round was recklessly fired toward the home by someone hunting in or near the field in question.

No injuries resulted, but the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office would like to mention the importance of being responsible while hunting. Always know your backstop before you fire. Boundary County has become much more inhabited and built up in the past 10 years. Many homes are built in or around traditional hunting areas and the responsibility of those hunting in all areas must use common sense, safe firearms handling and maturity.

Causing property damage, injury, or death due to negligent behavior such as noted above is a criminal offence, prosecutable up to and including a felony.

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