P&Z Minutes Jan. 16, 2014

Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission
January 16, 2014

Attending: Matt Cossalman, Chairman, John Cranor, Ron Self, Marciavee Cossette, John Cranor, Caleb Davis, John Moss. Announced absence: Steve Shelman. Absent: Bruce Behrman. Staff, Dan Studer.

At 5:30 pm Matt Cossalman, Chairman, opened the regular meeting and read through the agenda, and introduced the members of the commission.

The first agenda item was reading and approval of December minutes. The reading of minutes was waived, and Caleb Davis motion to approve second by John Moss; no discussion the motion passed unanimously.

At 5:35 Cossalman read the script for the next agenda item, 13-078 Villelli zone map amendment. Cossalman read the description of the amendment and opened the public hearing to comments by the applicant.

Villelli commented that the most he had to say was described last April when he withdrew his application to change 12 acres; that has changed to 115 ft on the east boundary of the parcel.

Ron Self asked regarding the plans for the parcel to the east. Villelli explained his intention to create 3 parcels 500 feet deep. If the 115 ft is rezoned he will parcel line adjust that portion to the east parcel and the remainder will be 10 acres in the Ag/Forest zone. There will be no easements. Villelli further explained he wanted to do this years ago when the Commissioners were rezoning, but he missed out and they advised he go this route.

Moss questioned the Earl Lane road and the road width and room for leach fields. Villelli said the road can be pushed west a little if needed (this part of the road is not county right of way). Cossalman said the 11 acre suburban zoned parcel can be divided into 4 parcels; Villelli said there are three benches for houses on the parcel, and due to topography 4 won't work.

At 6:50 Studer gave his staff report.

Cossalman opened public comment. There were no people to speak in favor or neutral regarding the application. Ken Lustig of Boundary County rose to speak against the proposal. Mr. Lustig stated he was a past employee of Panhandle Health District and changing the zoning so that septic can be installed is erroneous and unnecessary. A septic system stands on it's own regardless of what zone it is in. Lustig stated there is nothing suburban about this area, it should be zoned “recreational”. A septic system can be on more that one parcel and have easements. He feels that if this goes, more people in the area will apply for their property to be rezoned. Lustig is concerned over higher density population and currant road condition. The small right of way on Earl Lane won't handle traffic if more people move in with kids, and the Commissioners won't improve it yet they own it. If the commissioners don't improve the road, don't allow the area to expand.

Moss asked Lustig about leach fields; Lustig said the leach fields are just a utility, and don't require a rezone. The road is the issue; there are 7 or 8 homes on the road now, when do you stop? Cranor commented that regardless of the rezone, Villelli can still divide his parcel. Self asked about an easement and Lustig said it is legal by the health department.
At 7:31 Villelli gave his closing rebuttal. He said in order for him to divide the parcel he needs to attain a 300 foot depth for the parcels along the river. That is why he wants to rezone the 115 feet on the adjacent parcel and do a parcel line adjustment. He does not want to create a common community septic leach field for the three parcels to use because it doesn't set well with purchasers.

Cossalman closed the hearing at 6:37 pm and opened discussion. Self felt the road was more of an issue than anything else. Cossalman commented that the county won't use taxpayers dollars to improve Earl Lane road. Cranor said it didn't appear that the zone change per se was a problem; the road issue will come up when the parcel is subdivided.

Discussion ensued regarding the road and number of people using the road and future subdivision is a separate issue. Cossalman asked if granting this makes sense, and would it trigger more of these requests in the future. The commission policy should allow for practicality; the zone change follows a section line on the map and we should do what's right on the ground. When an issue comes up in the future, we need to be consistent. The road issue will be dealt with when the parcel is subdivided.

Marciavee Cossette expressed her appreciation that Lustig and Villelli can get along and work together regardless of view. This makes her feel that in the end the road situation will work itself out.

Ron Self made a motion to send to the Board of Commissioners a recommendation to approve the application for zone map change; second by John Cranor. There was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

John Cranor left the meeting. Cossalman opened the next agenda item, interview Will Hedrick, a person interested in the vacancy on the P&Z commission. Hedrick gave the commission some background information on himself and career. He then responded to questions from individual members.

At 7:22 Cossalman opened discussion on the Comprehensive Plan. Edits recently made were reviewed and approved by consensus of the commission. Discussion regarding the editing balloons being problematic resulted in the members preferring the use of underline additions and strike through deletions being used. Pursuant to Section 18.3.4., following discussion John Moss motion to submit the application to amend the comprehensive plan as presented, second by Caleb Davis, motion passed unanimously. Studer gave Cossalman an amendment application form. Cossalman signed an application for amendment form for Studer to initiate the public hearing process as outlined in Section 18.3.7.

Cossalman brought up the annual election of officers to the P&Z commission per Section 3.6.7. Discussion lead to Ron Self motion to retain the currant officers, Matt Cossalman Chairperson, and John Cranor Co-Chair. Motion was second by John Moss. There was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously. Cossalman requested discussion and motion regarding retaining members whose term expires this month, Steve Shelman and Caleb Davis. Motion by Moss to recommend to commissioners to retain Steve Shelman and Caleb Davis on the commission for one more term; second by Ron Self, the vote is three in favor with one abstaining. The motion passed.

The group discussed the next hearing date for Comprehensive Plan, and decided on February 13, 2014.

Marciavee Cossette made a motion to adjourn; second by Ron Self, the motion passed.

Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 18:00
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