P&Z Minutes Aug. 20, 2015

Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission
August 20, 2015 Regular Meeting

Attending: John Cranor, Caleb Davis,, Scott Fuller; Tim Heenan, Ron Self, Marciavee Cossette,
Staff: John Moss. Absent: Matt Cossalman, Kim Peterson Wade Purdom.

At 5:30 pm Cranor opened the regular meeting and asked for an approval of the minutes from the July 16 meeting. Davis moved to accept, Fuller seconded, and the minutes were accepted.

Cranor read the script describing public testimony procedures. Chairman Cranor asked if there was anyone wishing to make public comment, and if so needed to sign the sheet provided for that purpose. One visitor declined, saying his purpose was observation only.

Cranor proceeded to open the public hearing to discuss application 15-080, an application submitted by David Henslee to grant a conditional use allowing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in excess of 1050 square feet. Following the procedure for a quasi-judicial hearing, Cranor explained the Considerations and Terms and Conditions which the Commission should incorporate in their decision-making process. Commission members were then given the option of excusing themselves if there was any ex parte contact with the applicant; there was none.

Co-Chairman Cranor then asked the applicant for an opening statement.

David Henslee explained the situation regarding the desire to place a specific modular unit on his property and how this floor plan conforms to the needs of his family. His aunt selected the floor plan for the home she wants to live in on the property. There was no awareness of the limitation possibility regarding size of an ADU.

Staff presented a Staff Report that identified the applicant (David Henslee) and the specifics of the parcel and conditional use requested (1315 sq ft ADU size).

When it was determined there was nobody present to oppose nor provide a neutral statement regarding the application, the Applicant was asked if he wanted to make a closing statement prior to the P&Z Commission discussing the request.

The applicant explained that he has sufficient property on which to place this structure utilizing a separate driveway, and that there is sufficient land to support this use. Questioning the proximity of a creek (Self asked) if there was any problem with septic requirements. Applicant responded that there was adequate space and distance to separate the structure from from any drainage into the creek. Applicant further stated that this leach field was considered and measured to ensure health safety requirements would be met.

Next, the P&Z Commission discussed the application relative to the limits proscribed by the Ordinance. Caleb Davis suggested that there is ample space to accommodate the ADU. Self agreed, saying there seems to be no issue with a size of 1315 sq ft dwelling as proposed.

Chairman Cranor called for a vote, and Caleb moved to approve, Ron Self seconded, and the vote was unanimous for approval. Staff indicated that approval of the Conditional Use provided the impetus to approve and complete the permitting process for the Residential Permit application.

Next on the agenda, a published application was canceled and was on the agenda as being canceled. Staff explained that the reason for the presence on the agenda was that because of having published the hearing for this application in the newspaper, the public (none of whom in fact showed up) had a right to expect a hearing. Thus, the item was on the agenda as also having been canceled, as was the application itself.

A visitor was asked to introduce himself, but he did not give his name. He suggested he was interested in Boundary County, had some familial awareness of the county and was interested in the hearing process from the standpoint of understanding what might be involved should he wish to move to Boundary County. He was thanked for his participation, and Co-Chairman Cranor called for an adjournment vote; Ron Self moved to adjourn, Caleb Davis seconded, approved unanimously at 6:30PM.

John B. Moss

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John Cranor, Co-Chairman Date

Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 18:30
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