P&Z Minutes April 16, 2015

Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission
April 16, 2015 Regular Meeting

Attending: Matt Cossalman, John Cranor, Caleb Davis, Tim Heenan, Kim Peterson, Marciavee Cossette; ; Scott Fuller; Wade Purdom. Staff: John Moss. Absent: Ron Self.

At 5:30 pm Cossalman, opened the regular meeting and with the absence of any public in attendance waived the option to read the script describing public testimony procedures.

Following the Agenda, acceptance of the February 19 Minutes was voted on and approved unanimously. Cossalman then opened the Public hearing to discuss application 15-023, an amendment to the 'Interim Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance', 2006-4.

It was determined that the need for the amendment originated at the request of the Idaho Department of Water Resources, acting as agents for FEMA in requiring that Boundary County provide a current and corrected Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. The existing Ordinance (2006-4) was created as an emergency to comply with then-immediate requirements for such an ordinance, providing Boundary County with interim FEMA approved guidelines that enabled County residents to acquire flood insurance.

Most of the changes were specifically mandated by FEMA, including the requirement to define 'Flood Protection Elevation' (FPE) as a specific number of feet above the 'Base Flood Elevation' (BFE). Commission members discussed the change as being something mandated by government, suggesting that rather than 2 feet, as Staff proposed, the value should be 0 feet (no additional building required as an imposition of this definition). It was suggested that if this value was in fact not acceptable to the Department of Water Resources, or to FEMA, then the County Commissioners could make the change to the Ordinance that they deemed reasonable. The vote to accept all changes to the Ordinance as presented by Staff, with the exception of the FPE definition (voted to be 0 feet) was 6 in favor and 1 opposed, the vote carried to present the amended changes to the Commissioners with the BFE value set to zero feet.

Cossalman then opened the Public hearing to discuss application 15-020, an amendment to the 'Planning & Zoning Ordinance', 2012-1.and again, in the absence of any public in attendance waived the option to read the script describing public testimony procedures.

This is the second review of multiple sections to be amended (see minutes, 2/19/2015) and Cossalman suggested that the goal of this meeting is to make a recommendation concerning the status of the proposed changes. This meeting afforded the opportunity for those not previously exposed to the proposed changes to review them and for everyone to make a final decision concerning said changes.

After covering an explanation of CAFO and the changes to the ADU definition, attention turned to the definition of Special Events. Staff suggested that the qualifiers for a Special Event seem subjective, but without additional public input to determine more objective means of making this determination, the definition will stand for the County Commissioners to review and approve.

With no changes to be made, the motion was made and approved unanimously to forward the amendment to the next stage of Public Hearing and County Commissioners review.

The meeting adjourned at 7PM by unanimous vote

John B. Moss

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Matt Cossalman, Chairman Date

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 18:00
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