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Employment Opportunities


All position vacancies occurring within Boundary County are posted in-house for three working days before being opened to the general public through the Bonners Ferry Job Service.  Current county employees may pick up applications during the in-house posting period at the Personnel Office.  Once the position vacancy notice has been posted with the Job Service, applications should be picked up there.  The Bonners Ferry Job Service can be reached at (208) 267-5581 or by faxing (208) 267-3797.


For a complete listing of job openings in Idaho being processed by the Idaho Career Works Center, visit their web site at 


IT IS THE POLICY of Boundary County to provide equal opportunity in all terms, conditions, and privelages of employment for all qualified job applicants and employees without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age (unless a bona fide job requirement), disability, or retailiation. Reasonable accomodations will be made for disabled persons.


Boundary County Law Enforcement Application      

Boundary County General Application



Current County Position Vacancies:


Position:Recording Clerk

Department: Clerk Auditor

Starting Wage: $11.40

Typical Work Hours:

8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. May be required to work overtime.

Job Summary:

Performs the duties of recorder, responsible for receving, recording, indexing and storing permanent records of transactions as required by Idaho Code. Serves as Boundary County elections clerk. Performs a variety of complex and routine clerical tasks related to the office of Clerk/Auditor/Recorder.

Experience Required:

High school diploma or equivalent and two years or more of clerical or general office training, two to three years experience in related duties or equivelant combination of education and experience. Neat, legible handwriting. Good mathematics skills. Thorough knowledge of Idaho Code pertaining to the recording of documents. Understanding of Idaho election laws and procedures. General knowledge of all office functions including fine collection, passports and marriage licenses. Extensive knowledge of office procedures and filing systems.

Minimum Education:

High school diploma or equivalent.


Position: Licensed Nurse Consultant

Department: Restorium

Starting Wage: $25.00

Closes: May 29th, 2015

Typical Work Hours:

Part time, hours vary. Must be available to take emergency calls 24/7.

Job Summary:

Monitors residents' medications, assuring they are up to date and current with physican's orders. Conducts nursing assessment of each resident to determine health status and to identify symptoms of illness or changes in physical and mental health of patients. Must be available to take emergency calls 24/7 at this elder care facility.

Experience Required:

Extensive knowledge  of medications and their effects and the ability to identify possible adverse reactions and take appropriate action. Ability to communicate and work effectively with senior citizens.

Minimum Education:

Idaho RN license


Position: Personal Services Assistant 1- Graveyard Shift

Department: Restorium

Starting Wage: $9.12

Typical Work Hours:

Part-time, Graveyard Shift, 11:00pm to 7:00 am. This is a 7 day, 24 hour elderly care facility.

Job Summary:

Provides support to residents with day to day needs of daily life. Performs personal and housekeeping tasks to the degree a resident cannot do for themselves. As a member of a team, encourage independence, support resident choice and preserve resident dignity in an ethical and professional manner.

Experience Required:

High school or GED. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to read and comprehend written instructions. Must be able to communicate and deal effectively with the elderly. Must pass Criminal History backgrounds check, including fingerprinting, and meet all requirements outlined in the Rules for Licensed Residential and Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho. When hired, Boundary County will require First Aide and CPR certification wheich Boundary County pays for. The Idaho Food Handlers Course may be required if deemed necessary by the Restorium Administrator. Prior direct care experience in similar setting preferred.

Work Environment:

Stand or walk up to 8 hours a day.

Sit up to two hours a day.

Frequently support up to 70 pounds.

Occasionally lift/carry up to 20 pounds.





Position: Communications Specialist


Department: Sheriff


Starting Wage: $13.53


Typical Work Hours:

40 hours per week, various shifts. Must work weekends and holidays as required.


Job Summary:

Monitors radios and answers telephone, including 911 system, and relays accurate and pertinent information to appropriate agency or agencies necessary to ensure a rapid and effective response. Enters data on all wanted, missing or runaway persons, protection orders, stolen vehicles, stolen firearms and other information into nation wide law enforcement database, and provides information to law enforcement officers in the field on license registration, warrants, and dangerous suspects to ensure officer safety.


Experience Required:

Experience in computer operation, data processing and general office skills. Education or experience in law enforcement practices and procedures preferred. Must pass ILETS/NCIC entry and inquiry test within six months or employment, and maintain ILETS certification annually. Must attend two week basic POST Dispatch Academy during first year of employment and one week advanced POST Dispatch Academy within 36 months of employment and attend other classes and seminars as required. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, a clear strong voice and the ability to remain composed and professional under extremely stressful situations. Must have strong organizational skills and the ability to gather information from a number of sources, render a rapid decision as to the most effective response, and communicate information accurately yet concisely. Must be able to remain on station for extended periods, ensuring that the communications center does not go unstaffed.


Minimum Education:

High school diploma or equivalent.



Position: Patrol Deputy


Department: Sheriff


Starting Wage: $16.35


Closes: May 1st, 2015


Typical Work Hours:

40 hours per week, shift varies. Overtime and on-call required. May work weekends and holdays.


Job Summary:

Performs professional law enforcement duties related to coordinating and directing functions of the Boundary County Sheriffs Office. As a law enforcement officer, the fundamental duty is to serve the community, to safeguard lives and property and to respect the Constitutional rights of all. Acts as field training officer for new deputies and reserve officers. Must be 21 years of age to carry fire arms and attend POST academy.


Experience Required:

AAS Degree in Police Science or Basic Training Certificate from an accredited police academy or Level 1 Reserve status with minimum of 1,000 hours of on the job training with the Boundary County Sheriffs Office preferred. Must graduate from the the Idaho Peace Officers Academy within one year of employment. Must be a US citizen in order to attend POST. Must be 21 years of age to carry fire arms and attend POST. Must be able to pass physical and mental tests and examinations to ensure ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer, including moving a 76 pound object physically one yard, pursue people on foot for a minimum of 51 yards and use weaponless force in combat after pursuing a person on foot for 51 yards. Required to participate in on going physical and weapons training. Must be able to work under adverse weather conditions, in remote areas, at night and under extremely tense and stressful situations. High degree of physical activity required.