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Sixteen-year-old Amanda Johnson soloed in her fathers’ airplane October 12. She soloed at Boundary County airport after having received sixteen hours of flight training from Northern Air in the last two months. She had turned sixteen (the minimum age for solo flight) only sixteen days earlier. Amanda and her sister Lydia have also been taking the Private Pilot ground school class at Northern Air.

Amanda’s flight instructor, Nathaniel Cheshire of Northern Air said; “I didn’t plan it (three sixteen’s) that way, it was just the right time. The conditions were good and she was ready. Amanda is an excellent student; she comes prepared for class and gives her best every flight. She is definitely making the most of the opportunity. I expect Amanda will be ready to get her private pilot license by her next birthday, which is the minimum age for private pilots. Amanda was born to fly, may she enjoy a lifetime of safe flying.”