Boundary County

 All Hazards Mitigation Plan


Section 11

Past Mitigation Initiatives

Boundary County initiated its first comprehensive pre-disaster mitigation efforts in September 2001 with the establishment of the Boundary County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).  Grant money for coordination, planning and on-the-ground projects was initially provided by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).  In February 2002, LEPC completed a strategic planning workshop that resulted in the identification of several prioritized mitigation initiatives to counteract the negative impact of floods, landslides, and wildfire in Boundary County.  These pre-disaster mitigation projects then acted as catalysts for future planning, more grant applications and contracts, and additional projects.

In 2003, the county extended the Project Impact initiative by providing funding for the continued efforts of the Project Impact coordinator and several other public education projects.  In June 2005, the mission of Project Impact was assumed by LEPC and facilitated by the County Assistant Emergency Management Director so that pre-disaster mitigation efforts continue.


Since September 2001, the following mitigation programs have been put in place and projects have been completed.

All Hazard Mitigation Projects

Parcel Mapping   In 2005, Boundary County implemented a mapping project that digitized county parcel maps.  Boundary County also purchased GIS equipment and computer software that allows the county to accurately record property and facility locations and layer maps. This work is still in progress.

Rural Addressing   In 2005, the county started a rural addressing project that includes assigning names to all county roads and addressing all rural residences.  The project is scheduled for completion by December 2005.

Public Education   The public can view the All Hazards Mitigation Plan and procedure on the Boundary County website, through the newspaper in the area, and local radio noon talk shows.                                                                              

2004 Local Hazard Mitigation Booklets   A local booklet was created on landslide, wildfire, and flood.  The booklets have been used by the LEPC at several public education events.   Copies of the booklet are available at the courthouse, local schools, fire districts and libraries.

2005 Radio Spots   Project Impact efforts were advertised several times on the local radio station.  Between the months of May through November 2005, natural hazard mitigation techniques and homeowner emergency preparedness and mitigation were featured on the KBFI noon show, directly after Paul Harvey, as frequently as possible.

Boundary County Website   Boundary County established a section on pre-disaster mitigation on its county website in August 2005.  The site highlights local efforts and provides a browser link with other important pre-disaster mitigation sites. This also was a critical place for citizens to view and comment on the preparation of this plan.

2003, 2004, and 2005 Boundary County Fairs   The county hosted an emergency preparedness and pre-disaster mitigation booth at the local county fair in conjunction with Operation Fire Safe.

Wildfire Mitigation Projects

2003 Wildland Firefighter Training   The Project Impact Wildfire Committee oversaw a wildfire-training project that provided “Red Card” Wildland Training to 100 wildland firefighter volunteers. 

Personal Protective Equipment   A cache of personal protective equipment was established and is held at key points around Boundary County.  The inventory is entered into a data base where any expiration dates are noted and can be reviewed as needed. 

Fuel Hazard Risk Assessments   The county contracted with Inland Forest Management, Inc. to conduct wildfire risk assessments for the community.

Road Signage   Forty new wildfire prevention/mitigation signs were installed by Boundary County Road and Bridge, U.S. Forest Service; and area fire districts along major roads within the county.

Local Fire District Brochure   A mitigation brochure was developed that provides locally specific wildfire information, including a map of fire districts.

Wildland Fire Homeowner Mitigation Brochures   Several mitigation brochures were purchased and disseminated throughout the county.

Defensible Space Plans   Since 2003, the county has aggressively promoted the development of Defensible Space (fuel reduction) around homes to decrease losses associated with wildfire.  This effort has been accomplished through the FireSafe program, which is funded with Federal Fire Plan monies.

Flood Mitigation Projects

2003 Watershed Assessment and Master Plan for Flood Mitigation and Stream Restoration  

2005 Boundary County Road Inventory   Boundary County will check and report on road and bridge issues.  The inventory assists the county in storm water drainage planning.

Weather Station/Stream Gauges   The City of Bonners Ferry installed a weather station in the Myrtle Creek drainage.  Myrtle Creek drainage suffered a fire in 2003 and is the watershed for Bonners Ferry.   Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge (USFWS) has a weather station and webcam with live weather information broadcast at

Watershed Education Project   Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, in cooperation with the Boundary County School District, conducted an education project for children to re-establish and study the effects of a fire by looking at sample areas from an affected fire zone.