Health Services  Boundary Community Hospital is a rural Critical Access Hospital (CAH) that provides emergency treatment and healthcare. Emergency services are provided 24 hours a day.

Boundary County Ambulance Association provides ambulance service. They also provide rescue response to the county. They have primary services based in Bonners Ferry. There is an ambulance stationed in Porthill, in the north portion of the county.

The Boundary/Bonner Regional Health Care Center’s main office is located in Bonners Ferry. The facility is one of Idaho’s largest low-income health care providers. The clinic is open to patients six days a week and provides health, dental and mental health services. The health care center also operates a large mobile clinic. The mobile clinic travels to remote areas to provide health, dental and mental health services.

Fire Protection  Residential fire protection is provided by Bonners Ferry Fire Department, Moyie Springs Fire Department, South Boundary Fire District, Curley Creek Fire Department, Hall Mountain Fire Department, North Bench Fire Department and Paradise Valley Fire Department.  Volunteers staff all of these fire departments. South Boundary County Fire District (previously Naples) is now funded as a government taxing district and is the only fire district funded by tax dollars.

State and federal agencies provide the primary wildland fire protection in the county.  Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) protects about 170,000 acres, mostly in the Kootenai and Moyie River valleys.  IDL also protects the western slopes of the Selkirk Mountains, within the boundaries of the Priest Lake State Forest.  The United States Forest Service (USFS) protects approximately 426,000 acres, essentially the lands lying above the river valleys.  These agencies are staffed by permanent and paid part-time firefighters.  The rural fire departments provide mutual aid for fires within or near their boundaries for both IDL and USFS protected lands.

Map 3-5 ~ Fire District Boundaries

Law Enforcement Boundary County Sheriff’s Office has primary law enforcement authority for most of the county. The main office is located in Bonners Ferry near the courthouse. The sheriff’s office has a correction facility at the main office. The emergency dispatch center is located at the main sheriff’s office and provides communication for all emergency services in the county, excluding federal agencies. The dispatch center has radio communication with these federal agencies as needed.

The Bonners Ferry Police Department is the primary law enforcement for the City of Bonners Ferry.  The police department has a contract for dispatch services with the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office.

Idaho State Police has two resident troopers assigned to Boundary County. Their duties often require them to leave the county.  When this occurs, city and county law enforcement agencies carry the complete law enforcement load.


Bonners Ferry High School

LEPC has identified 51 critical facilities in Boundary County.  Critical facilities include communication centers/facilities, schools, libraries, transportation systems, public works facilities, energy facilities and systems, emergency services centers, government facilities, water control facilities, wastewater control facilities, museums, cultural centers, assisted living facilities/rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, critical community suppliers, medical/health care offices, and churches.



Boundary County Courthouse