Boundary County

All Hazards Mitigation Plan

Updated December 1, 2005

 Table of Contents

Section 1:  Resolution

Section 2:  Background


Use of Plan

Plan Participants


Public Involvement

Section 3: Jurisdictional Profile



Geologic History


Land Area

Land Ownership and Use


Kootenai Tribe of Idaho



Utility Corridors

Water, Sewer, Solid Waste Disposal


Commercial TV/Radio

Transportation Systems

Railroad Transportation


Air Transportation

Hydro Facilities

Moyie Dam

Libby Dam

Smith Creek Power System

Emergency Services

Health Services

Fire Protection

Law Enforcement

Critical Facilities

Section 4:  Hazard Profiles Overview 

Hazards Considered

Determination of Risk







Section 5:  Hazard Profiles Wildland / Urban Interface Fire 

Definition, Description and Potential Damage

Brief Fire History

WUI Mitigation Needs

Priority Fuel Treatments

Section 6:  Hazard Profiles - Landslides 

Definition, Description and Potential Damage

Landslide History

Critical Facility Exposure Assessment


Landslide Action Plan

Section 7:  Hazard Profiles - Flooding       

Definitions, Descriptions and Potential Damage

Ravine Flooding

Spring Runoff

Winter Rain/Snowmelt

Flash Flooding

Debris Flows

Extreme Precipitation and Runoff Event

Dam Failure

Ice/Debris Jam Flooding

Flooding Past Hazard Events, Risk and Potential Damage

Boundary County Flood Mitigation Plan

Flood Action Plan

Section 8:  Hazard Profiles - Earthquakes 

Definitions, Descriptions

Charts and Maps

Earthquake Action Plan

Section 9:  Hazard Profiles Winter Storms 

Definitions, Descriptions and Potential Damage

Severe Winter Storm Past Hazard Events and Risks

LEPC Relative Risk Rating

Highly Vulnerable Critical Facilities

Winter Storm Action Plan

Section 10:  Mitigation Priorities and Costs 

Recommended Mitigation Actions, by Jurisdiction

County, General

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

City of Bonners Ferry

City of Moyie Springs

Boundary County School District

Boundary County Airport

Boundary Community Hospital

Boundary Search and Dive Rescue

Rural Fire Districts

Section 11:  Past Mitigation Initiatives 

Past Mitigation Projects

All Hazard Mitigation Projects

Parcel Mapping

Rural Addressing

Public Education

2004 Local Hazard Mitigation Booklets

2005 Radio Spots

Boundary County Website

2003, 2004, 2005 Boundary County Fairs

Wildfire Mitigation Projects

2003 Wildland Firefighter Training

Personal Protective Equipment

Fuel Hazard Risk Assessments

Road Signage

Local Fire District Brochure

Wildland Fire Homeowner Mitigation Brochures

Defensible Space Plans

Flood Mitigation Projects

2003 Watershed Assessment and Master Plan for

Flood Mitigation and Stream Restoration

2005 Boundary County Road Inventory

Weather Station / Stream Gauges

Watershed Education Project

Section 12:  Mitigation Goals, Objectives and Mitigation Actions Summary 

Strategic Planning

Mitigation Goals and Objectives

All Hazard Mitigation Goals and Objectives

Urban/Wildfire Mitigation Goals and Objectives

Landslide Mitigation Goals and Objectives

Earthquake Mitigation Goals and Objectives

Winter Storm Mitigation Goals and Objectives