Boundary County LEPC November 2, 2011


Present: Tony Rohrwasser, Chet Savage, Ken English, Pat Warkinton, Emma Fields, Tish Lagerway, Joel Minor, Patty Perry, Gary Leonard, Ron Carpenter, Jay Baker, Lee Colson, Brad Lowther, Alana Anderson, John Moss, Rich Stevens, Deanna Galbraith, Crystal Denton, Katherine Rowden.


  1. Rowden, National Weather Service, Spokane, gave a winter weather outlook, calling for a La Nina winter, with increased cold and wetter than normal. She gave a prediction of 116% the normal average snowfall, with 75-inches in the valley as compared to the 65-inch average. Last winter, she said, the snowfall was 77.6-inches. She said that predictions showed an increased potential for spring flooding on the Moyie. She described a new radar system now employed by the NWS which made for improved forecasts. Those interested in seeing how conditions play out can go to http://water.weather.gov/ahps/ to follow river forecasts, or www.weather.gov.
  2. Fields said the Red Cross was having training in conjunction with the humane society November 5-6 on how to handle animals and their owners in the wake of fire.
  3. Colson announced that the Birthday Fire was declared out November 1, having grown to around 740-acres.
  4. Tish gave a heads up on a Mt. Hall Chili Feed, to include a law enforcement officer cookoff.
  5. Moss said the new fire chiefs of Curley Creek were Dan Hooper and Ken English.
  6. Galbraith described an exercise at the hospital run with law enforcement on how to handle an armed person.
  7. Baker said that on November 9, a National EAS test at 11 a.m. would interrupt programming on radio and television. He said it was the first such test on a national level.
  8. Rohrwasser said there were four or five openings for emergency vehicle driver training Thursday through Saturday.