6 JULY 2011

PRESENT; Dave Kramer (BC Emer Coordinator), Tony Rohwasser (SBFPD & Chair LEPC), Barry Coleman (LDS & Translator & ARES), Chet Savage (PVFD), Dan Hooper (CCVFD), DeAnna Galbraith (BCCH), Denys Knight (Counselor (LCPC), Dustin Kralik (ISP), Emma Fields (Red Cross, CG Aux, hospice), Gary Leonard (PVFD), Jay Baker (IBHS), John Moss (CCVFD), Ken Baker (BVA), Kevin Greenleaf (Kootenai Tribe), Leatha Lockhart (Red Cross), Lee Colson (USFS), Mike Weland (P&Z), Pat Warkentin (BFFD), Rich Stephens (Sheriff), Tina Wilson (NIPIN & BCCH), Tish Lagerwey (CBP OFO), Wayne Wilkerson (FWS & SBFPD), Wesley Portrey (SBFPD).

Meeting convened at 0805 hrs by Chairman Tony Rohwasser

Roundtable Reports and/or comments;

PVFD upcoming kids day hopefully the city will participate, 30th will be a pancake breakfast, 18th of Aug will be a pie eating contest.

CISD Critical Incident Stress Team in process of creating an active member phone list to assist in incidents as needed. If interested contact Carla Morales Ph 704-2269 or 623-5800 or Training will be available (2-3 days).

Ken Baker a class on Landing Zones will be held at the airport on 7 Jul 2011 @17:30 hrs.

Hospital Has information on ASPER guidance

Red Cross we have sent several individuals to assist in disaster situations including Alabama, Quad cities, assistance included shelters, food service, disaster assessment.

Customs & Border Patrol Eastport is still experiencing long traffic delays due to construction. Some delays backed traffic up to 3 mile corner.

IBHS President signed disaster declaration which includes 5 northern counties. 15% of funds could be used for other mitigation projects. There are new requirements for NIMS compliance which will be distributed shortly.

SB Fire Tabletop exercise that was scheduled for the 9th is changed to the 17th of August at 17:30 hrs. Invitations will be going out shortly. All are welcome to come out.

USFS considers that we have a low wildfire probability this year for the 4th year in a row. Rain in June as heavy as we have had usually determines the low probability. Of course mother nature sometimes laughs at probabilities.

Dave Kramer a grant has again been applied for to assist in the revision of the AHMP. We also had a situation of blasting caps being found and appropriately disposed of.

Sheriff Search and Rescue has been somewhat busy assisting persons doing less than smart things. Still have a missing person in the Priest lake area from Bonner County.

ARES Local members of BARC (Boundary Amateur Radio Club) participated in the Field Day activities at the Ghost Town, a good time was had by all and many lessons learned.

Meeting ended about 08:35 hrs

Barry Ellis Coleman, PhD, CLT N7BEC