LEPC Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2011

Present: Brad Lowther-Hall Mtn. Fire; Tony Rohrwasser, Wesley Portrey-SBFD; Emma Fields, Leatha Lockhart-Red Cross; Sue Welch, Jay Baker-IDBHS; Dale Du Ree-Industrial Communications; Tish Lagerwey-CBP OFO; Barry Coleman-LDS; R Sherman, Ken Baker-BVA; Bob Graham, David Kramer-OEM; John Moss-CCVFD; Gary Leonard, Chet Savage-PVFD; Rich Stephens-BC Sheriff; Pat Warkentin-BFFD; Susan Bowman-Valence Wireless, Arthur Putnam, Mike Meier-BARC, ARES-AEC, DeAnna Galbraith, Tina Wilson-NIPIN&BCCH, Denys Knight-Counselor LCPC.

Next meeting: April  6, 2011 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office

I.       Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.

                                    1. Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm  

                                    2. Provide copy of your meeting content to johnmoss@addr1.com  in order to be included in minutes

II.      Sue Welch (BHS ID)

1.       Upcoming training being offered in the North Region.  Registration for all classes can be done through the Idaho Preparedness Learning Management system at http://www.idahoprepares.com. 

BHS (AWR-201) Scenario-Based Executive Level Training
Section 1
Available: Yes

Event Name: BHS (AWR-201) Scenario-Based Executive Level Training
Date(s): 03/03/2011-03/04/2011
Time: 08:00 AM-05:00 PM
Instructor: TBD
Location: Sandpoint * - Federal Building (1500 Hwy 2) - Conference Room

BHS (G290) Basic Public Information Officers Course (24 hrs)
Section 34
Available: Yes

Event Name: (CDA) Basic PIO Training
Date(s): 03/15/2011-03/17/2011
Time: 08:00 AM-05:00 PM
Instructor: Cynthia Taggart,Jim T. Lyon,Kevin Creighton
Location: Coeur d'Alene - CDA Fire Dept, Station #3 (1500 N 15th St) - Training Room

BHS (G300) Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
Section 21
Available: Yes

Event Name: Post Falls ICS 300
Date(s): 04/15/2011-04/15/2011
Time: 06:00 PM-10:00 PM
Instructor: Larry L. Simms,Andrew (Andy) Boyle
Location: Post Falls - Post Falls High School (2832 Poleline Ave) - Classroom

Event Name: Post Falls ICS 300 (day 2 & 3)
Date(s): 04/16/2011-04/17/2011
Time: 08:00 AM-04:00 PM
Instructor: Larry L. Simms,Andrew (Andy) Boyle
Location: Post Falls - Post Falls High School (2832 Poleline Ave) - Classroom

BHS (P-604) Debris Management Plan Workshop
Section 1
Available: Yes

Event Name: CDA Debris Mgmt Plan Workshop
Date(s): 03/22/2011-03/22/2011
Time: 08:00 AM-05:00 PM
Instructor: Don B. Taylor
Location: Coeur d'Alene - CDA Police Dept (3818 Schreiber Way) - Training room

III.      Barry Coleman, LDS/Translator  

1.       Review your resource listing, Resource Tracker Program; make necessary corrections/additions

2.      Review NIMCAST training requirements; who in your organization needs training?

a.       Training events are being held through September (new rollover due then)

b.      Reports are due this year

3.      ICS 100, ICS 200 courses updated in January

a.       ICS 100 now has more emphasis on Unified Command type incidents

b.      Professional Development series has also been updated

4.      All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

a.       Review of this plan suggested

b.      Suggestions for additions or updates requested

5.      Questions, assistance or password help contact Barry Coleman at N7BEC@yahoo.com

IV.    Dave Kramer Boundary County Emergency Coordinator

            1.  March 5 2nd Annual Penguin Plunge  ~ "Freezin' for a Reason" Special Olympics - http://idso.org sign up Online

V.                Lee Colson USFS

                        1. Fire Danger: Low

VI.             Ken Baker BVA

1. EMT Training in progress

VII.         Jay Baker BHS ID

a.       On accident cleanup, the spiller will pay (spiller's insurance agency/adjuster initiate the cleanup)

b.      State Comp? 60 days window for filing 1-800-632-8000

VIII.      Tina Wilson -  NIPIN - BCCH

1.       May 14th Annual Health fair Help needed

IX.            Art Putnam ARES - AEC

a.       Introduced Mike Meier, BARC and ARES Liaison

X.                Leatha Lockhart, Emma Fields Red Cross

1.       Red Cross not permitted on fire scene until Red Cross contacted, deployed

XI.            Bob Graham Boundary County Emergency Manager

1.       Rain on snow creating roof problems

2.      Fire departments to provide absorbent material at spills

XII.         Pat Warkentin - BFFD 

                        1. MOU agreement almost complete regarding interdepartmental support

XIII.     Tony Rohrwasser, South Boundary Fire Department

a.       Fall Creek Station near completion (opening May 7)

b.      March 19th - National Fire Academy Class

1.       Expanded Command and Control of Incidents

2.      Class offered to multiple-county Fire Districts (seating at a premium)

XIV.      Brad Lowther - HMFD

                                    1. Ice rescue training event ad hoc date due to ice conditions; willing participants, stand by for callout.

XV.          With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0900.

Minutes submitted by J. Moss CCVFD