LEPC Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2011

Present: Tony Rohrwasser, John Savage, Wesley Portrey-SBFD; Emma Fields, Leatha Lockhart, Brenda Lawlor-Red Cross; Rick Alonzo-BF Police; Kevin Greenleaf-Kootenai Tribe of Idaho;  Jay Baker-IDBHS; Dale Du Ree-Industrial Communications; Tish Lagerwey-CBP OFO; Barry Coleman-LDS; Ken English-Moyie Fire; Ken Baker-BVA; Bob Graham, David Kramer-OEM; John Moss-CCVFD; Gary Leonard, Chet Savage-PVFD; Pat Warkentin-BFFD; Susan Wilson-CBP - OFO; Lee Colson-USFS; Mike Weland-Planning; DeAnna Galbraith-BCCH; Denys Knight-Counselor LCPC; Arthur Putnam-ARES-AEC

Next meeting: March 2, 2011, 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office

I. Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.

Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm 

2. Provide copy of your meeting content to johnmoss@addr1.com  in order to be included in minutes

II. Brenda Lawlor, Emma Fields, Leatha Lockhart (Red Cross, Spokane)

1. Brenda Lawlor presented Inland Northwest Red Cross Chapter Overview

a. Cots are available (old Army cots) freely available to Fire Districts (208) 267-6010

b. If an emergency shelter location is available, Red Cross will bring cots and bedding to the shelter

c. Shelter availability should be pre-arranged

Site to be inspected to ensure

1. 20 ft/person, short term availability
2. 40 ft/person, long term shelter

2. Reference updated Contact information

A. 315 Nora Avenue, Spokane, WA 99205, (509) 326-3330 (Tel); (509) 326-3336 (Fax)

Disaster/Fire Contact Information
On-Call Lead, 509-477-4209 - pager number 2420 : Enter YOUR phone number with area code, Expect a response within 10 minutes; if not, re-page. If no response after 15 minutes call Lead Cell Phone then secondary number.

After-Hours, Weekend and Holiday Dispatch Number, 1-800-793-0278 - choose option #2 for Disaster (Call routes to a Red Cross dispatch center)
On-Call Lead Cell Phone, 509-385-3310
Secondary Contact, 509-990-0438 - Emergency Services Director - Brenda Lawlor

B. Chapter Contact List (in order of call down)

Emergency Services Director Brenda Lawlor, 509-321-6067, 509-990-0438
Disaster Services Specialist Autumn Halliwell, 509-321-5056, 509-990-0437
Chapter Operations ManagerKevin Piatt, 509-321-6050, 509-496-1771

III. Barry Coleman, LDS/Translator  

1. Review your resource listing, Resource Tracker Program; make necessary corrections/additions
2. Review NIMCAST training requirements; who in your organization needs training?

a. Training events are being held through September (new rollover due then)
b. Reports are due this year

3. ICS 100, ICS 200 courses updated this month

a. ICS 100 now has more emphasis on Unified Command type incidents
b. Professional Development series has also been updated

4. All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

a. Review of this plan suggested
b. Suggestions for additions or updates requested

5. Questions, assistance or password help – contact Barry Coleman at N7BEC@yahoo.com

IV.Dave Kramer – Boundary County Emergency Coordinator

1. January 26 - Flood Control Workshop Meeting was held

A. Moyie Springs River – absentee property owners have responsibility for their own property relative to flood control
B. County-wide evacuation plans

2. February 24 - Debris Management Class

A. Public Works Dept (Bonner County)
B. 2-County Exercise

3. March 5 – 2nd Annual Penguin Plunge  ~ "Freezin' for a Reason" – Special Olympics - http://idso.org – sign up Online

V. Lee Colson – USFS

a. Fire Danger: Low

VI. Ken Baker – BVA

a. EMT Training in progress

VII. Ken English – MSFD

a. Seeking alternative Fire Station property location (so not 'trapped' when train blocks tracks)
b. Addition of Ambulance to new station desired

VIII. Art Putnam -  ARES – AEC

a. If anyone has any question feel free to contact me at n7mnk@yahoo.com.  We look forward to serving the people of Boundary County with Amateur Radio. If you have a event or project that needs communication support let us know and we might be able to assist you.
b.      Highlights:

a. Echo IRLP node system voip analog 147.440 freq.
b. Echo link system voip linking system to repeaters
c. D Star digital voice repeater 2meter,
d. Will be adding UHF in spring to this system.
e. UHF repeater south Bonners Ferry 443.025 freq
f. HF net nightly on 1.914 freq
g. State ARES net on Sunday evenings RACES ARES 3.9 freq
h. WARN net weather nightly 146.960 freq weather reporting to NWS website http://www.n7mnk.com

c. These are a few of the things we have completed this winter fall season. We have some long range desires of a Ecomm trailer fully equip, 2nd radios placed throughout county maybe in each oh the fire stations. Also obtaining 501C status is in the works.
d. 16 new amateur operators up the Yaak and 30 studying now for spring testing session. New VE testing group going now in the area and this gives Boundary Co. two now, with the increase demand of amateur licensing.

IX. Deanna Galbraith – BCCH

a. A vehicle collision damaging a utility pole between Coeur d’Alene and Spokane last week crippled the Meditech patient information communication system between North Idaho hospitals.  Communications were maintained, but were slow.  Internal methods were put into place for users of the system that were not absolutely necessary at the time, to discontinue use until the damage to the fiber optics were repaired.

X. Mike Weland – Planning

a. Coming March 1 –  http://www.newsbf.com  - an on-line news source dedicated to providing local news.
1. Utilizing Internet  resources to get news out quickly to a wide audience
2. For 6 weeks will be at KBFI hosting the Wednesday noon show while JoJo Baker is on vacation

XI. Bob Graham – Boundary County Emergency Manager

a. There is 2007 Residual monies for FD radio (broadband)
b. If broadband proposal is accepted, then the Extension Office meeting room would become Emergency Operations Center
c. FD radios availability are based on State-wide priorities

XII. Pat Warkentin - BFFD 

1. WUI funding due – 'Have trailer, can travel'

XIII. Tony Rohrwasser, South Boundary Fire Department

a. March 4-6 Basic Wildland Class
b. March 19th - National Fire Academy Class

1. Expanded Command and Control of Incidents
2. Class offered to multiple-county Fire Districts (seating at a premium)

XIV. Denys Knight, Counselor LCPC

1. Psychological and Suicide Prevention Resource  (208) 267-7607

XV. With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0900.

Minutes submitted by J. Moss CCVFD