LEPC Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2011

Present: Brad Lowther-Hall Mtn. Fire; Tony Rohrwasser, Wayne Wilkerson, John Savage, Wesley Portrey-SBFD; Mark Haigwood-PHD; Emma Fields, Leatha Lockhart, Fred Hesser, Fran Hesser-Red Cross; Rick Alonzo-BF Police; Kevin Greenleaf-Kootenai Tribe of Idaho;  Jay Baker-IDBHS; Scott Grimmett, Dale Du Ree-Industrial Communications; Tish Lagerwey-CBP OFO; Barry Coleman-LDS; Ken English-Moyie Fire; R Sherman, Ken Baker-BVA; Bob Graham, David Kramer-OEM; John Moss-CCVFD; Alanna Garrett-RDCK Customs; Scott Thompson-Mountain Springs Church; Chet Savage-PVFD; Pat Warkentin-BFFD; David McClelland, Rich Steven-BCSD; Susan Wilson-CBP - OFO; Susan Bowman-Valence Wireless.

Next meeting: February 2, 2011 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office

I. Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.

1. Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm 
2. Provide copy of your meeting content to johnmoss@addr1.com  in order to be included in minutes

II. Fred and Fran Hesser, Emma Fields, Leatha Lockhart (Red Cross, Spokane)

1. Red Cross support for the Panhandle relocated to Spokane (from Boise)

A. Emma Fields presented updated contact information

315 Nora Avenue, Spokane, WA 99205

(509) 326-3330 (Tel)    (509) 326-3336 (Fax)

Disaster/Fire Contact Information

On-Call Lead 509-477-4209 - pager number 2420 : Enter YOUR phone number with area code; Expect a response within 10 minutes; if not, re-page, If no response after 15 minutes call Lead Cell Phone then secondary number. After-Hours, Weekend and Holiday Dispatch Number 1-800-793-0278 - choose option #2 for Disaster (Call routes to a Red Cross dispatch center) On-Call Lead Cell Phone 509-385-3310 Secondary Contact 509-990-0438 - Emergency Services Director - Brenda Lawlor

B. Chapter Contact List (in order of call down)

Title                                             Name                        Office #                Cell #           
Emergency Services Director    Brenda Lawlor          509-321-6067       509-990-0438
Disaster Services Specialist       Autumn Halliwell       509-321-5056       509-990-0437
Chapter Operations Manager    Kevin Piatt               509-321-6050       509-496-1771

III.      David McClelland, Boundary County Sheriff  

1. Boundary County Sheriff's Posse

A. Primarily used for search and recovery of lost and missing people within Boundary County
B. Posse has several teams, each of which has a team leader and each team serves a specific purpose

* Ground Search Team
* 4x4 / ATV/Snow-machine Team
* Air Wing / Pilots, planes, observers
* High Angle Rescue and Medical Team
* Dive Team
* Marine Team
* Mounted Team
* Communications, Command Post, Incident Command Team

C. All members must be able to qualify at a Sheriff's Reserve Deputy Level 3 . For additional information and an application form, contact the Sheriff's Department

IV.      Dave Kramer, Office of Emergency Management

1. January 26 - Flood Control Workshop Meeting

A. Kootenai River Inn - 1-4pm
B. Open to all fire districts

2. February 24 - Debris Management Class

A. Public Works Dept (Bonner County)
B. 2-County Exercise

V.       Tina Wilson - North Idaho Public Information Network and Boundary County Community Hospital

1. May 12 - Table Top Exercise

A. Panhandle Health District Hospital Exercise
B. Changing Hospital organizational structure to accommodate the Hospital Emergency Incident Command (HEIC) Procedures

VI.      Trish Lagerwey 

1. Expect delays in Border crossings into US; roads into US from Creston will be reduced to one entry point

VII.     Tony Rohrwasser, South Boundary Fire Department

1. March 19th - National Fire Academy Class

A. Expanded Command and Control of Incidents
B. Class offered to multiple-county Fire Districts (seating at a premium)

VIII.    Scott Grimmett - Industrial Communications

1. Working with the DIGB 1 to determine interoperability solutions in the 5 North Idaho Counties. Scott had a model of the proposed interoperability radio coverage for Boundary County. The propagation model of the predicted interoperability radio coverage was shown and feedback requested on the coverage.   Most agreed that the radio coverage would be adequate for the majority of the population in the county. There was some concern that the model was not properly predicting the coverage on the back side of Black Mountain.  There was a suggestion that the repeater location on in the model was south of the peak on the mountain.  Scott Grimmett will check the coordinates used in the model to make sure that are the correct location of the repeater on Black Mountain. 
2. Scott Grimmett gave a presentation on different types of radio systems to Boundary County Volunteer Ambulance and a few others.

IX.      With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0900.

Minutes submitted by J. Moss CCVFD