LEPC Meeting Minutes
August 4, 2010

Present: Chris Lund-IDL, Brad Lowther-Hall Mtn. Fire, Wesley Portrey-SBFD, Darrel Kirking-PHD, Bill McCabe-NBFD, Jean Sherman-BVA, Leatha Lockhart-Red Cross, Kevin Greenleaf-Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, Emma Fields-Red Cross, Jay Baker-IDBHS, Bob Graham-OEM, Dale-Industrial Communications, Tina Wilson-BCH, Art Putnam-AEC/ARES, James Cameron-LDS, Barry Coleman-LDS, Ken English-Moyie Fire, Ken Baker-BVA, Lee Tao Dana-NIMS/BHS, Gail Baird-BHS NIMS, Tony Rohrwasser-SBFD, David Kramer-OEM, Rick Alonzo-BFPD.

Next meeting: August 26, 2010 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office 


I.       Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.

                             1. Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm

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II.       Open Discussion: Move the September LEPC meeting up to Thursday August 26th?  This would accommodate a presentation from the Contractor on the HazMat Flow Study for the five northern Counties.  It was agreed to move the September meeting to this date.

III.      Dave Kramer, Boundary County Emergency Coordinator 
                             1. No word on the NOAA early warning system grant that had been applied for.
                                      (Boundary County along with the other Northern Counties obtained a grant for a Flow study of Hazardous Materials that travel on the highways and rails in our communities.  The study has started and one of the Contractors has been in Boundary County on July 6th and will be back in August to study the truck traffic and what they are hauling on US 95 and Hwy 2.  This is only one portion of the study that they are doing, Boundary County will receive a comprehensive report at the completion of this study.)

IV.     Tina Wilson, Boundary Community Hospital, BCPIO
            1. Tabletop Exercise to be scheduled August 10 / 9:00 - 1:00PM
                A. Involving EMS / Law / Fire
                B. Attendance by invitation only.
                C. Intended to train hospital staff and administrators regarding incident handling and provide experience in emergency response procedures.
         Contact Tina (tinaw@bcchmail.org) for additional information

V.       Gail Baird, Bureau of Homeland Security - NIMS (National Information Management System)
                   1. Any agency that receives federal pass through funds is required to do a NIMSCAST report which indicates their level of compliance.  In addition, there are some new training classes that certain persons will need to take to meet compliance.
                             a. Dave Kramer will report for Boundary County Agencies and the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho,
                             b. First responder agencies, Fire, Ambulance and the Cities will need to do their own NIMSCAST reports.   
                   2. Following this LEPC meeting, Gail Baird will cover the process of doing a NIMSCAST report and a hands on workshop for Agencies that want to work on their NIMSCAST reporting.
                   3. Jay Baker stressed that the funds passed through to Agencies by BHS is only a small portion:  other funding that is passed through to Agencies in Fire grants, and to Cities, also require NIMS compliance and reporting.
                   4. Barry Coleman offered to work with any local agency that needs assistance doing their NIMSCAST report.

VI.      With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0900. (NIMSCAST Workshop followed meeting.)

Minutes submitted by J. Moss CCVFD