LEPC Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2010
Present: Tony Rohrwasser and Wesley Portroy - SBFD; Bob Graham and Dave Kramer - Emergency Management; Jay Baker and Sue Welch  - BHS-ID;   Barry Coleman and James Cameron - LDS Church; Brad Lowther - HMVFD; Pat Warkentin - BFFD; Ken Baker - BVA; Dale Du Ree - Industrial Communications; Tina Wilson - NIPIN-BCCH; Mark Haigland - PHD1; Wayne Wilkerson - FWS; Susan Bowman - Valence Wireless Comm.; Mike Weland - Planning & Zoning; Ken English - Moyie Springs FD; Bill McCabe - North Bench VFD; Chet Savage - Paradise Valley FD; John Moss - Curley Creek VFD.
Next meeting: August 2, 2010 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office
I.       Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.
                             1. Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm
                             2. Provide copy of your meeting content to johnmoss@addr1.com in order to be included in minutes
II.      Dave Kramer, Boundary County Emergency Coordinator 
                             1. Boundary County along with the other Northern Counties obtained a grant for a Flow study of Hazardous Materials that travel on the highways and rails in our communities.  The study has started and one of the Contractors has been in Boundary County on July 6th and will be back in August to study the truck traffic and what they are hauling on US 95 and Hwy 2.  This is only one portion of the study that they are doing, Boundary County will receive a comprehensive report at the completion of this study.
                             2. There are 4 new online courses that will be required training for those that also have to have ICS 300.  The new training courses that are NIMS required are ICS 701 Multiagency Coordination System, ICS 702A Public Information, ICS703 Resource Management, ICS 704 Communications and Information Management.
                             3. Nimscast, which is the reporting system for NIMS compliance will need to be done by each of the responding Agencies and Jurisdictions.  I will make arrangements for a trainer to assist in helping the responder agencies do their Nimscast, and I will do the reporting for Boundary County and the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, but again it will be required for the Cities, Fire Depts. etc. to enter their own information.  This is a requirement to receive grant funds.
                             4. Panhandle Health District is hosting a Mass Fatalities seminar in CDA the 23rd of July.  RSVP is required prior to July 16th by contacting  Judith Scarborough at jscarborough@phd1.idaho.gov or 208-415-5180.
                             5. Boundary County will be working with Sue Welch from Homeland Security to update our multi-year training plan.  Bonner County is looking at hosting some regional training on Wide Area Searches (three day course) and Scenario-Based Executive Level Training sponsored by the Western Community Policing Institute.  No dates have been set for these classes to date.
III.     Tina Wilson, Boundary Community Hospital, BCPIO
            1. Tabletop Exercise to be scheduled August 10 9:00 1:00PM
                A. Involving EMS / Law / Fire
                B. Intended to train hospital staff and administrators regarding incident handling and provide experience in emergency response procedures
                             2. Contact Tina (tinaw@bcchmail.org) for additional information
IV.      Barry Coleman, LDS/Translator : James Cameron, LDS
                   1. Involved in research see II.2.A.1.a.i  above
V.       Ken Baker Boundary Volunteer Ambulance  
                   1. Developing a business model
                             2. Working to get new receiver frequency Online.
VI.      Mark Haigland - Panhandle Health District 1  
                   1. Mass fatalities Summit - Mass fatalities planning in our community
                      A. July 23 2010 - Coeur d" Alene Resort - 208 765-2300
                      B. http://www.phd1.idaho.gov
VII.     Mike Weland, Planning and Zoning (Boundary County)
                    1. Public Hearing - July 15, 5:30PM - Main Courtroom
                                A. Discuss new WiFi communications tower installations
                                B. Discuss services provided
                                C. Discuss pros/cons
VIII.    Tony Rohrwasser, South Boundary Fire Protection District - Report
                   1. Video - Protection for EMT concerning WMD (Narrated by Tom Clancy)
                   2. Mass Decon class June 26, 27 8hr/day (16 hour class) open to fire and law personnel
                           i. Maximum 32 seats available
                          ii. Open seats will be filled from outside Boundary County First Come First Served sign up NOW!
                         iii. Contact Tony (tonyw@boundarycountyfire.com) for additional information
IX.      With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0915.
Minutes submitted by J. Moss CCVFD