LEPC Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2010

Present: Tony Rohrwasser and Wesley Portroy - SBFD; Bob Graham and Dave Kramer - Emergency Management; Jay Baker  - BHS-ID; Cecil Garza – USBP;  Charlie Comer – USA CE;  Barry Coleman - LDS Church; Brad Lowther - HMVFD; Emma Fields - Red Cross; Pat Warkentin - BFFD; Denys Knight – Counselor, LCPC; Ken Baker, Regina Sherman - BVA; Rich Stephens - BC Sheriff; Arthur Putnam - ARES-AEC; Tina Wilson - NIPIN-BCCH; Kevin Greenleaf - Kootenai Tribe; Lee Colson - USFS; John Moss - CCVFD.

Next meeting: July 7, 2010 0800, Boundary County Courthouse Extension Office

I.         Announcements: Tony Rohrwasser brought the meeting to order at 0800.

1.        Locate previous Meeting Minutes at http://www.boundarycountyid.org/emermgmt/lepc/index.htm

2.      Provide copy of your meeting content to johnmoss@addr1.com in order to be included in minutes

II.      Dave Kramer, Boundary County Emergency Coordinator 

            1. Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Cost Share Workshop

              A. Workshop focus was on jurisdictional responsibility related to incident location and specific considerations

                        1. For more information, contact Dave at dkramer@boundarycountyid.org  

            2. 2nd Reminder - FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan needs to be reviewed

              A. Due for renewal approval every 5 years

                        1. Actual due date (more than 12 months from now) gives time to review components

                                    a) 1st - Fire

                                                 i) research news archives about hazards (fire) since 2007, and note local history that contributed to an incident

                                                    (Barry Coleman volunteered to research local news)

                                                ii) review Mitigation Plan content and make recommendations for change                         

                                    b) Review Mitigation Plan regarding LEPC interaction with NIPIN (suggested by Jay Baker)

III.     Tina Wilson, Boundary Community Hospital

            1. Tabletop Exercise to be scheduled August 10 – 9:00 – 1:00PM

                        A. Involving EMS / Law / Fire

                        B. Intended to train hospital staff and administrators regarding incident handling and provide experience in emergency response procedures

2. NIPIN – North Idaho Public Information Network 

A.     Power Point Presentation: http://www.boundarycountyfire.com/bclepc201006nipin.shtml

B.     NIPIN Call-out Procedure 

a.      Responder contacts the Emergency Manager

           i. If the Responder has a lead PIO:

1.        Lead PIO evaluates situation, chooses a site for JIC and the number of PIOs needed

2.      Lead PIO works with EOC to get JIC open and prepared for use (Internet access, phones, TV)

3.       EM contacts NIPIN PIO (at this point in time it is Tina Wilson 208-290-4374 until a schedule is worked out) on call, activating the phone tree based on the number PIOs requested

a.      On-call PIO responsible for JIC Kit

4.      During call-out, on-call PIO briefs PIOs on where to go and when to arrive

a.      PIOs bring laptops, cell phones and go kits
         ii.      If the Responder does not have a PIO:

1.        EM contacts and briefs NIPIN PIO (Tina Wilson 208-290-4374) on call

2.      PIO reports to scene and evaluates PIO needs with IC

3.       If JIC is needed

a.      PIO and IC determine location and number of PIOs

b.      PIO works with IC to get JIC open and prepared for use

c.       PIO activates phone tree

d.      PIOs report w/laptops, cell phones & go kits

4.      If no JIC is needed

a.      PIO works as Lead PIO

b.      PIO activates phone tree for backup PIOs and JIS support

3. Contact Tina (tinaw@bcchmail.org) for additional information

IV.      Brad Lowther – Hall Mountain Volunteer Fire District

      A. NIXLE

            1. Receive trusted public safety alerts directly from your police department and other local agencies by text message. No cost, reliable & simple.

                        a) Boundary County residents should utilize this free 'stay connected' service.

            2. Local police departments, school & other government agencies - send geographically targeted alerts and advisories directly to your residents by text message.

            3. Send special offers, promotions & coupons directly to your opted-in customer’s mobile phones using Nixle’s secure and reliable communication service.

V.        Barry Coleman, LDS/Translator

      A. Involved in research – see II.2.A.1.a.i  above

              VI.    Ken Baker – Boundary Volunteer Ambulance  

         1.  Working to get new receiver frequency Online.

 VII. Tony Rohrwasser, South Boundary Fire Protection District - Report

      A. Mass Decon class – June 26, 27 – 8hr/day (16 hour class) open to fire and law personnel

               i. Maximum 32 seats available

              ii. Open seats will be filled from outside Boundary County – First Come First Served – sign up NOW!

             iii. Contact Tony (tonyw@boundarycountyfire.com) for additional information

VIII.         Art Putnam – ARES – AEC

Field Day scheduled June 26, 27 from 12 noon to 12 noon (24 hour contiguous)
Location: Refuge, red barn
Purpose: emergency exercise simulation to test all forms of remote communications
Public invited to observe procedures and ask questions

IX.              Denys Knight – Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

1. Ms. Knight has lived in our community for 3 years, has been a professional counselor for 25 years. Her affiliations and services include.

A. Give an Hour – a non-profit organization providing free mental health services to military members and their families

B.  Mental Health, Life and Family, and Oncology Counseling

C.  Suicide Intervention

     2. Contact Denys Knight at 1-208-660-0373, bfnorthidaho@gmail.com and scribes@meadowcrk.com

X.  With no further business, Tony Rohrwasser adjourned the meeting at 0915.