INST. 101.1



1.   Consult with Prosecuting Attorney.

2.   Board of County Commissioners.  In an open meeting, make a factual determination that:

a.    There is an emergency caused by fire, flood, explosion, storm, epidemic, riot or insurrection, or for the immediate preservation of order or of public health or for the restoration to a condition of usefulness of public property, the usefulness of which has been destroyed by accident, or for the relief of a stricken community overtaken by a calamity, or the settlement of approved claims for personal injuries or property damages, exclusive of claims arising from the operation of any public utility owned by the County, or to meet mandatory expenditures required by law or the investigation and/or prosecution of crime, punishable by death or life imprisonment, when the Board has reason to believe such crime has been committed in its County.  (Idaho Code 31-1608.)

b.    Public interest and necessity demand the immediate expenditure of public money to safeguard life, health, or property.  (Idaho Code 31-4013.)

c.    Notify State of Idaho, Bureau of Disaster Services.

3.   Board of County Commissioners.  Adopt a resolution by unanimous vote (Idaho Code  31-1608) stating:

a.    Facts constituting the emergency;

b.    That immediate expenditures are necessary to safeguard life, health, or property;

c.    That pursuant to Idaho Code 31-4013, during the period of the emergency, the County will not comply with County bidding laws;

d.    That expenditures necessary to meet the emergency are authorized.

4.   Enter the resolution in the meeting minutes of the County Board of Commissioners.

5.   Refer emergency contracts to legal counsel for preparation or review.

6.   Designate a specific person to administer contracts.

            Relevant statutory procedures governing emergencies and disasters:

                        Idaho Code 31-1608

                        Idaho Code 31-4013

                        Idaho Code 46-1011

                        Idaho Code 46-1012