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                                    Revised Edition June 2004


The following pages contain instructions and sample contract forms to assist ICRMP Subscribers in the discharge of their administrative duties.

ICRMP realizes that staff attorneys for many governmental entities spend a major portion of their time on criminal cases and some governmental entities lack sufficient staff to specialize in civil law.  In recognizing this need, together with the urging of several attorneys for governmental entities, ICRMP engaged the services of Robert G. Hamlin of Hamlin & Sasser, P.A., in Boise, to develop this manual of sample contract forms to assist public entities.  We express our appreciation to Bob Hamlin who is recognized and highly respected as an authority on contract law, and David Sasser and Roger J. Hales for their timely contributions.

This project was conceived in 1989 and has been developing since that time.  The "ICRMP Sample Contract Forms" were first introduced and made available to ICRMP Subscribers through training seminars held statewide during the Spring of 1990.  Based upon your reaction to this project, it is clear that the original draft and the additions to that draft are addressing the needs of many ICRMP Subscribers.

As part of ICRMP's Loss Control Program, we intend to continue this effort.  We encourage, solicit, and need your comments and suggestions on an ongoing basis to make this project successful.  From time-to-time, we will provide you with training, updates, and new sample contract forms.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this needed venture.

Richard D. Ferguson

Executive Director


The materials and information presented herein and in the related training seminars are not intended as legal advice.  This publication is intended for informational purposes only and is designed to alert governmental officials and risk managers to the issues that arise in a governmental entity’s contractual relations.  Participants and users of this information are strongly advised to consult with their attorneys for guidance in all specific factual situations.

The guidelines are designed and furnished as an aid to be used by subscribers, their attorneys and staff in the preparation of contracts for a governmental entity.  The guidelines contained herein are samples and are not intended to be used verbatim without considering the facts and law applicable to each situation.  Attorneys are encouraged to review all applicable laws governing the particular governmental contract.  It is required that all contracts be approved by resolution at a public meeting of the entity unless exempted by law.

No part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form or by any method, by any person or entity, except insureds of the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, without the written permission of the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program in care of the Loss Control Department, P.O. Box 15249, Boise, Idaho  83715.


Contract Administration Guidelines Form A
Checklist of General Contract Considerations Form B
Checklist for Model Aircraft Operation at Airport Agreement Form C
Emergency, Independent Contractor Agreement Form 101
Emergency, Procedures for Expenditures of County Funds Inst. 101.1
Independent Contractor Agreement Form 102
Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, (JPA) Form 103
Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, (JPA) Checklist Inst. 103.1
Lease Agreement, Personal Property Form 104
Lease Agreement, Real Estate (Public Entity Lessor) Form 105
Lease Agreement, Real Estate, Comment Inst. 105.1
Lease Agreement, Real Estate, (Public Entity Lessee) Form 106
Maintenance Agreement, Building Form 107
Maintenance Agreement, Janitorial Form 108
Maintenance Agreement, Vehicle/Equipment Form 109
Polling Place Agreement, Use of Facilities Form 110
Professional Services Agreement Form 111
Professional Services Agreement, Architect/Engineer Provisions Form 112
Professional Services Agreement, Comment Inst. 112.1
Purchase Agreement, Supplies Form 113
Rental & Use Agreement, Personal Property Form 114
Rental Agreement, Space Form 115
Special Event Service Agreement Form 116
Storage Agreement, Generic Form 117
Storage Agreement, Vehicle, Machine or Boat Form 118
Tire Removal and Disposal Agreement Form 119
Volunteer, General Release of Liability Form 120
Volunteer, General Release of Liability Comment Inst. 120.1
Weed Spraying Agreement  Form 121



Contract for Services, Law Enforcement Protection Form 201
Detention Agreement, Adult Form 202
Detention Agreement, Juvenile Form 203
FLSA Overtime Exemption Resolution, (207k), Firefighter/Law Enforcement Form 204
General Release of Liability, Rider Accompanying Officer Form 205
General Release of Liability, Reserve Officer Form 206
Informant General Release of Liability, Juvenile Form 207
Mutual Aid Agreement, Fire Protection Form 208
Mutual Aid Agreement, Law Enforcement Form 209
Sheriff's Certificate of Sale Form 210



Concession Agreement, Generic Form 301
Concession Agreement, County Fair Form 302
Exhibitor Agreement, County Fair Form 303
Exhibitor Agreement, Generic Form 304
Judging Events, Agreement Form 305
Professional Performers Agreement Form 306



Appropriation of Funds, Contingency Provision Form 401
Contract Modification Form 402
Hold Harmless Agreement Form 403
Hold Harmless Comment Inst. 403.1
Hold Harmless Provision (Between Governmental Entity) Form 404
Notice of Default  Form 405
Parent or Guardian Authorization and Release for Minor  Form 406
Personnel Policy Manual Acknowledgment of Receipt  Form 407
Public Records, Request and Response Form 408
Public Records, Comments Inst. 408.1
Purchasing, Bid Checklist Form 409
Purchasing, Insurance Checklist Forms Form 410
Purchasing, Insurance Checklist Comments Inst. 410.1 
Resolution for Adoption of Agreement Form 411
Standard Agreement Provisions Form 412