Prior to executing any Model Aircraft Contract, governmental entities should, at a minimum, consider the following matters:

[  ]          1.       A contractual agreement needs to be in place between the Airport Commission and/or the Public Entity with jurisdiction for individual or legally organized groups requesting use of airport facilities for model aircraft operations.  The Airport Commission needs to consult with their legal counsel.

[  ]        2.         Model aircraft "USER" will agree to a predetermined date, time, and place for use of airport facilities.

[  ]        3.         USER must notify airport before their intended use of airport facilities.  This notification will address date, time, place, and number of individuals who intend to use airport facilities.

[  ]        4.         USER at no time is allowed to use runways for model aircraft operations.

[  ]        5.         USER will only use a predetermined area of airport aprons and airspace at airport (per FAA, Airport Certification Manual (ACM), and Airport Certification Specifications (ACS)).

[  ]        6.         USER will always use the "two man rule" (experienced pilot and experienced observer) when operating at airport.  NO SOLO FLYING.

[  ]        7.         USER will not fly aircraft in air space located at any approach to airport, at any departure from airport, nor in air space above runways (per FAA, ACM, and ACS).

[  ]        8.         USER will give right of way to full-scale aircraft at all times (per FAA, ACM, and ACS).

[  ]        9.         USER will obtain written permission from Airport Commission before conducting special events, air meets, contests, competitions, or exhibitions 

[  ]        10.       USER will obtain a General Liability Insurance Policy.  USER will obtain Special Events Insurance, if not already included in general liability insurance policy, for special events, air meets, contests, competitions, or exhibitions.  In all situations where insurance is required by "OWNER," USER will provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the Airport Commission, and/or the Public Entity with jurisdiction, as an additional named insured.  All Certificates of Insurance will be supplied prior to the occurrence of the event.  USER's limits of insurance coverage in all situations will be equal to or greater than the limits of liability coverage provided by the Airport's own policy.

[  ]        11.       USER will indemnify and hold harmless Airport Commission or any other Public Entity which has jurisdiction over this Airport.

[  ]        12.       USER will not invite the general public into operating areas.  This does not restrict designated public observation areas of Airport Operating Policy (per FAA, ACM, and ACS).

[  ]        13.       USER will provide fire extinguisher and first aid kit during all operations.  Local authority with jurisdiction will approve fire protection and first aid equipment (per Uniform Fire Code).

[  ]        14.       Model aircraft will not be flown higher than 400 feet above the surface at operating location (per FAA, ACM, and ACS).

[  ]        15.       OWNER will designate a specific date, time, and place for model aircraft operations.

[  ]        16.       OWNER will notify proper authority of intended use, date, time, and place of use, e.g., Notes through flight service station (per FAA, ACM, and ACS).

[  ]        17.       OWNER will establish any other clear rules and procedures which the OWNER deems necessary.