It is recommended that each entity establish a procedure to monitor the performance of all governmental contracts.  Your policy should include the following:

1.         A master list of all contracts, including specifically:

a.         Contracting parties

b.         Effective date

c.         Due dates for all payments or acts required under the contract

d.         Termination date

e.         Renewal requirements

f.          Nature of services

g.         Insurance requirements

2.         Designate one responsible person to monitor and oversee all contract performance and require periodic reports to the supervising official(s), i.e., department heads, boards, etc.

3.         Ensure that proof of insurance is attached to the contract and that you calendar the date a new proof of insurance is required and FOLLOW UP to ensure that a new proof of insurance is actually obtained on time and is in the file.

4.         If the contract should be renewed, calendar the date that a renewal or modification should be executed.  Notify the other party of cancellation or renewal in accordance with the terms of the contract.