***Monday, March 25, 2013, Commissioners met in regular session with Chairman Dan Dinning, Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton, Commissioner Walt Kirby, and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser.


Clerk Glenda Poston joined the meeting. Blue Sky Broadcasting Reporter Mike Brown was in attendance of the meetings off and on throughout the day.


9:00 a.m., Road and Bridge Superintendent Jeff Gutshall joined the meeting to give the departmental report. Mr. Gutshall presented a written report.


Chairman Dinning mentioned a letter that had been sent to the Governor’s Office mandating budget reductions to include Secure Rural Schools funding. Clerk Poston said the fiscal year 2013 payment for Titles I and III will be sequestered by 5.1 percent and for Idaho, this amounts to $1,358,042.48. The State of Idaho also elected to allocate $3,672,582.05 in Title II Secure Rural School funds for conservation projects. This amount is also subject to 5.1 percent sequestration, or $187,301.68. There will be an option of having the total sequestration of $1,545,344.16 paid from the state’s Title II funds, which will reduce the state’s allocation in Title II funds to $2,127,237.89. Otherwise the state will receive a bill for collection of the sequestered amounts from Title I and III. Clerk Poston said the Boundary County School District will need to return $18,877.71 and Road and Bridge will need to return $44,047.99 for a total of $63,000.00. Clerk Poston said she estimated approximately $200,000 has gone into Title II projects. Chairman Dinning said this is talking about Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) programs and summer youth employees for campground and trail maintenance. Chairman Dinning said he would like to talk with Seth Grigg at the Idaho Association of Counties to get more of a handle on this. Clerk Poston said the county needs to respond by April 19, 2013. Chairman Dinning said the school district should be notified.


Mr. Gutshall resumed reviewing his department report. A few roads have been opened and last week rock was hauled to White Mountain Road, Moyie River Road, Mirror Lake Road and Lion’s Den Road. This week Meadow Creek Hill just past the pavement end will receive rock. Brushing and clearing has continued on Pleasant Valley Loop, Nystrom Hill and the north approach off Peterson Hill at Highway 95.


Mr. Gutshall spoke of the vandalism that is occurring to road signs. Chairman Dinning asked if Mr. Gutshall could report on the dollar value it is costing to repair this damage. Mr. Gutshall said vandalism is also affecting mailboxes and private road signs so it is not just costly to the county.


Mr. Gutshall said he’s getting ready to open Pit #2 in Moyie Springs as gravel is cycling out. Road and Bridge will continue to be busy installing culverts and cleaning ditches.


Mr. Gutshall and Commissioners briefly mentioned right-of-way legislation. Mr. Gutshall said the law always states that Commissioners will set up a map of an existing road system. It was said a new map may be needed. Chairman Dinning said this information will also include roads that are not maintained. Chairman Dinning mentioned the need to have proof of maintenance.


The meeting with Mr. Gutshall ended at 9:27 a.m.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to sell at the county’s tax deeded property auction on April 22, 2013 at 11:00 a.m., the following three properties as it is time sensitive matter: parcel #RP62N02E055570A, parcel #RP62N02E117350A, and parcel #RP62N03E273620A. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously. 


9:30 a.m., Courthouse Maintenance Jerry Kothe joined the meeting to give a departmental report. Mr. Kothe said he installed three new faucets in the Parks and Recreation restrooms and ordered a new door and new locks for the Parks and Recreation Board office. Mr. Kothe said he went to Sandpoint to pick up a vacuum cleaner that had been repaired. The window sills in the Clerk’s office have been stained and varnished.


Mr. Kothe said he contacted Tim Fulton for the work to repair damage to Memorial Hall.


Chairman Dinning spoke of surplus inventory. Commissioners do not need to be involved with the surplus property auction or disposal other than to approve it. Chairman Dinning asked Mr. Kothe to handle the process and if an item is not broken then it should be sold at auction no matter the value. If there are auctions at different locations, they need to be kept separate as money raised will go back into that department or office’s budget. Clerk Poston said Deputy Clerk Chris Wolfe should be involved with the surplus process as she works with the county’s inventory. Mr. Kothe will be in charge of inventory.


The meeting with Mr. Kothe ended at 9:40 a.m.


Commissioners tended to administrative duties.


Property owner Jerry Mortenson stopped by Commissioners’ Office. Mr. Mortenson asked if Commissioners are aware that the Planning and Zoning Administrator turned him over to the Prosecutors’ Office. Mr. Mortenson said he wanted to talk to Commissioners because his feeling is that he’s been abused by the county. Mr. Mortenson said he’s purchased thousands of acres in various counties, sold them, and never once had a complaint from any agency. Mr. Mortenson said his complaint in doing what he’s done is that no one has made more contact with the Planning and Zoning Office than him in making his decisions and in this case it was former Planning and Zoning Administrator Mike Weland. Mr. Mortenson said he always conforms to the dictates and advice of Mr. Weland and then the county allowed the Planning and Zoning Office to shut down to obtain advice due to medical reasons. Chairman Dinning said the Planning and Zoning Office was provided coverage fairly quickly, but Mr. Mortenson said whenever he was came to the Courthouse and the Planning and Zoning Office no one was ever in that office. Chairman Dinning said there would‘ve been hours posted. Mr. Mortenson said his feeling is that he has complied completely with the wishes of the county in everything he has done and he has employed the most capable people in the county to include Steve Moyer and Jeanne Adams. The situation now is there are some purchasers who are being damaged, according to Mr. Mortenson. Mr. Mortenson said he sold people two ten-acre parcels of subdivided land, a primitive subdivision, and being such it’s required to get an easement there. The identified squares of property were sold to people for some time now and they paid cash, a life time investment. Mr. Mortenson said these buyers had been at the Courthouse and the new Planning and Zoning Administrator Dan Studer heard their names. Mr. Studer told these people they were misrepresented and were told they would not get to build their house. Mr. Mortenson said there is title insurance and there is no arguing that the property is legal. These buyers are also being abused and asked to testify that they were misrepresented. Mr. Mortenson said his complaint is that he has always complied with the dictates of the Planning and Zoning Office. That office was left unsupported for months and he doesn’t care if there was help occasionally. Mr. Mortenson mentioned trying to resolve this issue civilly, and that he’s considered a reasonable man to comply with the rules and laws of the county, but he’s been thrown at the whim of the Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Mortenson said he had been sent a letter from Mr. Studer, but he had been in the Amazon. Then a certified letter was received by Ms. Adams. For the county representative to conduct matters the way that was done was contrary to any type of leadership in any type of government and he’s not going to stand for it. Mr. Mortenson mentioned people who are abused and treated unjustly and he would file a lawsuit. Mr. Mortenson said he’s been prejudiced and sees something that needs the attention of the prosecuting attorney. There are thousands of people who have built their homes without a certificate and that cannot be a secret to Commissioners.


People come to this area as there is still a sensibility of being practical, according to Mr. Mortenson. The county did not provide adequate support to a man who has always complied with the rules. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners will make contact with everyone involved in order to have a better understanding. Mr. Mortensen said he would like to deal with this issue immediately and he would like to give Mr. Studer less time than he was given as he was dealt with immediately. Mr. Mortenson said there was one letter followed by a certified letter followed by Mr. Studer going to the Prosecutor Office knowing he was out of the country.


Chairman Dinning asked about the property. Mr. Mortensen said Mr. Studer is looking at everything there, which is hundreds of acres. Mr. Mortensen said rather than selling smaller parcels he’s referring to the contour of the land and selling larger parcels. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners would be in touch with him soon. Mr. Mortenson said he can’t allow the people who purchased land from him in good faith feel the property has no value.


The discussion with Mr. Mortenson ended at 10:01 a.m.


10:01 a.m., Extension Office Educators Carol Hampton and Jennifer Jensen joined the meeting to discuss a proposed rental policy. Ms. Hampton mentioned issues resulting from groups that rent the Extension Office meeting room and she said something has to be done to standardize who does and doesn’t use the room. Those present discussed the issues and scheduling. Ms. Hampton said she’s obtained the Fair Board’s policy for review. Ms. Jensen said she’s also picked up the policy for the City of Bonners Ferry Visitor’s Center. Chairman Dinning said even if someone signs the rental policy, the culprit is still unknown. Chairman Dinning said he doesn’t think instituting a form will change the behaviors. Ms. Hampton said who is causing the problems can’t be proven and they cannot discriminate. Chairman Dinning added that the meeting room is also a public facility. Ms. Hampton said she’s spoken to certain people when things have come to a head and informed them of what the problems were.


The problems have been occurring off and on for some time now. Chairman Dinning suggested having a group together and informing them Commissioners wanted to talk to them. Commissioner Kirby spoke about Ms. Hampton being able to have the authority to talk to people. Commissioner Pinkerton asked is there anything in place when it comes to requesting use of the room, and Ms. Hampton said it’s usually a phone call. Ms. Hampton mentioned the possibility of a form for a renter to complete once per month or for each use. Commissioner Pinkerton spoke of matters to determine some standards and his recommendation is find out what group wants to use the meeting room and how often so it can be reserved ahead of time. Commissioner Pinkerton informed Ms. Hampton she could determine what is most important to her such as holding a group’s feet to the fire, but to also be mindful a group might be upset.


Clerk Poston explained that Memorial Hall can be rented, but the kitchen is locked with the exception of one or two groups who have access. Ms. Hampton said her food teaching supplies have gone missing one too many times. Commissioner Pinkerton said Commissioners can give Ms. Hampton what she needs to be successful. Ms. Hampton said renters would be presented with the rules to be abided by, they need to come to the Extension Office only for the key, and they need to keep the room clean. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners will look at charging a cleaning deposit as being the next step, but will have to develop a policy for that.


Prosecutor Jack Douglas joined the meeting at Commissioners‘request.


The meeting with Ms. Hampton and Ms. Jensen ended.


10:25 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go into executive session under Idaho Code #67-2345(1)b, to consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school student. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Commissioners voted as follows: Chairman Dinning “aye”, Commissioner Pinkerton “aye”, and Commissioner Kirby “aye”. Motion passed unanimously. 10:30 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go out of executive session. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Motion passed unanimously. 


Prosecutor Douglas left the meeting.


10:30 a.m., Debbie Stallcup, Director of the Bonner County Juvenile Detention Center joined the meeting to inquire about Boundary County’s interest in utilizing the Bonner County Juvenile Detention Center. Boundary County Chief Probation Officer Stacy Brown and Bonners Ferry Herald Reporter Laura Roady also joined the meeting.


Ms. Stallcup explained that Bonner County’s Juvenile Detention Center is for both juvenile detention and adult misdemeanor probation and she wondered if there is any interest by Boundary County to contract with the Detention Center. The facility has been in operation for one year now and Ms. Stallcup provided a history.


Ms. Stallcup said in the 1990’s the five northern counties signed an agreement with the Region 1 Juvenile Detention Center as all juveniles had to be removed from sight and sound from the adult offenders. Bonner County has always had a center of their own starting from year 1991 so Bonner County’s facility ran in conjunction with Region 1.  Ms. Stallcup said she had the minutes from 1991 and information on how the counties contributed financially. There were two counties, Bonner County and possibly Shoshone County, that weren’t sure about signing on with the Region 1 Juvenile Detention Center due to costs, but they ended up both signing on. Throughout the whole negotiations it was understood that any county could pull out at any time and Kootenai County, where Region 1 is located, knew at some point in time they might only have space to house their own juveniles. That had not become an issue as Region 1 had been expanded. Still the language was in there that a county could pull out of the agreement.


Ms. Stallcup said in years 2001 and 2002 she took over the Bonner County Juvenile Detention Center and met with Commissioners in Boundary County to sign a contract at a cost of $85 per day to house Boundary County’s juveniles. That went along fine until Bonner County went to build  a new facility and it was felt that Kootenai County had been let down. Ms. Stallcup said this isn’t a matter of Bonner County versus Kootenai County and she feels that Kootenai County has a fine facility, but it’s just a matter of logistics. Ms. Stallcup informed Commissioners of the various programs Bonner County offers such as schooling funded by the school district as well as life skills programs, victims’ panels, etc.


Those present discussed how Kootenai County’s Region 1 facility charges are based on that county’s use the prior year. Ms. Stallcup said she’s kept track over the years and Bonner County has paid $183 per day, but it varies every year and if one county utilizes Region 1 less, the percentage is shared. Bonner County will only charge per use at $110 per day so Boundary County could budget for that and it isn’t based on Bonner County’s budget. At Region 1 Juvenile Detention Center the fee charged is applied to things the other counties wouldn’t benefit from. Chairman Dinning asked if the fee of $110 includes education and other programs and Ms. Stallcup said yes. The medical agreement states the juveniles, according to the law, need to be seen by a doctor if they’re over the age of 14 and Boundary County would have to pay extra if a juvenile was hurt or had to go to the hospital, but parents can also carry the insurance. Chairman Dinning asked how many teachers are on staff and Ms. Stallcup said Bonner County Detention Center has one teacher and this last time there were 10 students.

Commissioner Kirby asked Ms. Brown what Boundary County’s load is and Ms. Brown said Boundary County has one juvenile. Ms. Stallcup reviewed Boundary County statistics over the years during the term of the agreement and she stated during the duration of three years, Boundary County’s cost was $36,800 and that would’ve totaled $55,300 at Kootenai County’s facility, which does not include mileage and manpower. Ms. Stallcup said her facility also has closed circuit TV. Commissioner Kirby said the transportation is significant.


Chairman Dinning said due to the commitment if another county did pull out of the agreement with Region 1, the additional cost will fall on the remaining three counties. The counties have good relationships and we need to look at this. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners will analyze the facility’s use and talk more about it and go from there. Chairman Dinning said he knows it was helpful to utilize Bonner County’s facility. Ms. Stallcup said it is always cost and logistics. Chairman Dinning asked Ms. Brown to put together the statistics for use over the years and consider that information at Bonner County’s rates. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners can take a very good look at this. Ms. Stallcup said she just wanted to reiterate this is nothing against Kootenai County, it was just cost efficient for them.


The meeting with Ms. Stallcup and Ms. Brown ended at 10:45 a.m.


11:00 a.m., Commissioners discussed the matter of Bog Creek Road. Chairman Dinning said he received a scoping notice on the Bog Creek Road matter so he drafted a letter for Commissioners’ review. Commissioners gave their opinions of what should be included in the letter.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to sign the East-West Access Around Continental Mountain letter to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Pinkerton said it’s his unscientific opinion that he would like to see the road open to public access year round as well as other administrative roads within bear management.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to reappoint Rita Pensmith to the Boundary County T.V. Translator Board with a term to expire March 2016. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously.


11:30 a.m., Commissioners discussed various matters pertaining to ambulance service. Chairman Dinning said Boundary Volunteer Ambulance’s (BVA) Board had indicated surprise at the mention they had to reimburse the Solid Waste budget $80,000. The other matter is to talk to BVA to request costs for various levels of service. Chairman Dinning said last year the mention of the county going out for bids was made and at this last meeting between Commissioners and the BVA’s board, two BVA board members urged Commissioners to do that so Commissioners could find out how much the service actually costs. Commissioner Pinkerton said when he heard that, it was all but a recommendation to do that. Commissioner Kirby said several things that prompt him to go out to bid are the considerations of going out for quotes or bids on other matters. There is nothing for Commissioners to go by as far as ambulance service other than what has been learned from BVA. Commissioner Kirby said Commissioners need to further solidify this and that means to go out for bids. Commissioner Kirby said Commissioners should hire someone who is not biased to write the request for proposal as he is not qualified to do that. Commissioner Pinkerton said he would like to echo that statement and he stated Commissioners need to get help or get an understanding from professionals in the industry. Commissioner Pinkerton said by BVA’s own counsel they basically gave Commissioners that advice so on their own advice, he feels the county should.


Chairman Dinning said going forward the county had the prior agreement so he contacted the county’s attorney to make sure nothing Commissioners are going to do will violate terms of the contract. Chairman Dinning said the next step is to contact someone knowledgeable in the industry about writing a request for proposal (RFP) and Commissioners want to know the cost for basic, intermediate and advance levels of service. Commissioner Pinkerton said the RFP needs to be very outlined.


Clerk Poston said she had contacted 23 counties that provide an ambulance service and has one RFP that another county had already drafted for Commissioners’ review of information. Commissioner Kirby said the current ambulance service will certainly be invited to bid as well. Chairman Dinning said he wants to keep Boundary Volunteer Ambulance involved in communication.


Mr. Brown and Ms. Roady left the meeting. 


Commissioners tended to administrative duties.       


Commissioners recessed for lunch at noon.


1:30 p.m., Park and Recreation Board members Pam Copeland, Lisa Carle, Rob Tompkins, Brandon Glaza, and Angela Hittle joined the meeting.


Chairman Dinning asked how matters are going with the Boundary County Little League Association and Mr. Tompkins said it is fine. Scheduling issues have been worked out. Mr. Tompkins said Dirk Fess will be the liaison for Boundary County Little League.


Chairman Dinning reviewed information with the Parks and Recreation Board members. Chairman Dinning referred to the open meeting law and said any discussion between the board members outside of their board meeting is not good and he referred to Idaho Code statutes. Ms. Copeland questioned how not to communicate if they are with each other often. Chairman Dinning gave the example of the board members exchanging emails discussing various matters to the point the matter is not brought up during their meeting as it had already been discussed over emails. If there is talk about a grant through an email, there may not be any record of it in the minutes as it had already been discussed beforehand, according to Chairman Dinning.

Chairman Dinning said if the board meeting dates are changed for special meetings, etc., there is a process to follow for that.


Chairman Dinning said he is aware the Parks and Recreation Board members are looking into obtaining new playground equipment, but if the total project cost is $25,000, quotes have to be obtained and if the total project cost is $50,000 or more, sealed bids need to be obtained. Mr. Tompkins mentioned a cooperative organization that has Boundary County listed as a member.


Chairman Dinning said any agreements the Parks and Recreation Board have drawn up need to be brought to Commissioners in order to forward to Attorney Phil Robinson for review. Ms. Copeland said the board will send information to both Commissioners and Attorney Robinson.


Chairman Dinning said he saw mention of a raft race in the Parks and Recreation board meeting minutes and he urged consideration to keep the county out of liabilities. Ms. Copeland said it’s a float not a race, but the board had already talked about life jackets and alcohol, etc.


Ms. Carle asked Commissioners if they’ve had the chance to look over or make a decision on the proposed position for the concession stand. Chairman Dinning said no. Ms. Hittle said the issue is that the concession stand is just way more valuable and there isn’t enough work for a youth position when Mr. Kothe and Mr. Brown can do it. Mr. Glaza said creating this position will also allow Youth Activities Director Ann Tompkins time to work on other things.


Those present discussed the football program and Ms. Carle said the Parks and Recreation Board would not commit to a program or having a race without running it by Commissioners. It was said the Parks and Recreation Department has not taken over football. The board members have discussed whether or not to run the competitive programs, but they also have a non-competitive program. It was explained that a parent group is considering approaching the Parks and Recreation Board about running the football program as it’s not offered by the school for a certain age group. Ms. Hittle said the Parks and Recreation Department pretty much carries programs for kids through the age of 14 so they’ve tried to carry the kids through that age.


Chairman Dinning informed the Parks and Recreation Board that anytime there is a quorum, the meeting should be advertised. If there is no quorum, it would still be good to take notes.


Mr. Tompkins asked what the board should do about the bid process. Chairman Dinning said to bring to Commissioners the information from the other companies so the county’s attorney could review it. Chairman Dinning asked if Commissioners could have a presentation when a plan is put together. Mr. Tompkins said Jim Deffenbach with Panhandle Area Council met with the Parks and Recreation Board last year about funding if there was a plan.

Mr. Glaza questioned where to look for liability information should the Parks and Recreation Board decided to host a Kootenai River float. Chairman Dinning said information needs to get to the county’s insurance agent Darrell Kerby. Commissioner Pinkerton said the event is well worth the discussion, but whether or not it can be done is another thing. Chairman Dinning said it’s great looking at these things, but at the point where the board members don’t get burned out.


Chairman Dinning informed the Park and Recreation Board members that they’re doing a great job.


The meeting with the Parks and Recreation Board ended at 2:00 p.m.


Commissioners tended to administrative duties.     


***Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Commissioners met in regular session with Chairman Dan Dinning, Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton, Commissioner Walt Kirby, and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser.


9:00 a.m., Clerk Glenda Poston, Noxious Weeds Superintendent Duke Guthrie, Courthouse Maintenance Jerry Kothe, Solid Waste Superintendent Claine Skeen, Extension Office Educator Carol Hampton, Restorium Administrator Karlene Magee, Chief Deputy Clerk Tracie Isaac, Planning and Zoning Administrator Dan Studer, Road and Bridge Superintendent Jeff Gutshall, Assessor Dave Ryals, Treasurer Jenny Fessler, Road and Bridge Office Manager Renee Nelson, and Prosecutor’s Office Manager Tammie Goggia were present.


Chairman Dinning said the membership letter for Medstar has gone out to employees providing notification of the renewal date.


Clerk Poston said after the April claims she will get budget information out along with the date information is due back to her. Chairman Dinning said as always Commissioners ask that departments be as conservative as possible. With the notice that Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding is going away, some southern counties have not prepared for that, but Boundary County Road and Bridge fortunately has budgeted. Commissioners don’t want to mandate departments hold back a certain amount of their budget while some counties will have to do that.


Chairman Dinning discussed the Pilot Program in relation to SRS funds and he said this would show that something can be done to help small communities.


Commissioner Pinkerton said Commissioners are trying to tighten up the knowledge of what county vehicles are out there. A form will be given to department heads and elected officials asking for information on vehicles, mileage, etc. Commissioner Pinkerton asked department heads to be diligent in completing the forms and he urged mileage to be logged as that should be done already. This information can go to help determine when vehicles need to be purchased again. Mr. Gutshall said his department probably has the most vehicles and even though there are certain employees who utilize a machine, various drivers can also use those machines. Commissioner Pinkerton said in the case of multiple operators or drivers list, the vehicle as a pool vehicle. Mr. Gutshall said at times Road and Bridge has used vehicles and equipment belonging to Solid Waste. Commissioner Pinkerton said Commissioners really need to know if vehicles are out of the pool fleet and used for personal use.


Mr. Skeen clarified if this is cars, trucks, garbage trucks, etc. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners just want to know mileage for those types of things. Information on vehicles that are not assigned to any person should still have mileage information provided. Ms. Nelson said Road and Bridge can get the mileage as of today’s date, but Road and Bridge employee Terry Johnson determines mileage between each service. Commissioner Pinkerton said initially Commissioners would like to have the beginning mileage as of right now and to have what the mileage is at the end of the year. Clerk Poston said this is just a starting point and the forms to track this information will change.


Chairman Dinning said one thing that is usually misunderstood is county surplus items and non-working items. Commissioners haven’t put it in writing, but if an item is deemed surplus, valued under $250 and is broken, Commissioners will approve it for disposal. If a surplus item valued over $250 is broken or not, it needs to be sold at public auction. Also any item under $250 that still works will still be sold at public auction. Mr. Kothe will be the person to dispose of the items that are broken, according to Commissioners. Those present discussed older vehicles that need to either be sold or disposed of. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners will no longer be a part of auction or disposal process.


Chairman Dinning asked those present if they had anything to share. Chief Deputy Clerk Tracie Isaac said there will be a workshop on Medicare and social security on April 17, 2013 at 1:00 p.m., at the Kootenai River Inn. Reservations are needed so those employees interested can contact Panhandle State Bank or the Extension Office to sign up.


Mr. Skeen said he should have approximately 420 bales of metal processed, which equates to approximately $75,000 owed to the county.  


Chairman Dinning asked Clerk Poston about costs taken on by the county for work involved to correct matters caused by the City of Bonners Ferry’s annexation ruling. Clerk Poston said it cost the county a little over $6,000 to deal with the annexation matter, but another $3,000 to $6,000 could be added as the Assessor’s Office time was not included in that total.


Mr. Studer said he’s working on a few enforcement actions as there are a few commercial junkyards that need fences.


Ms. Goggia said the Federal Government has sentenced the man with a drug charge so the property will be seized and funds are trickling in. Ms. Goggia said enough funds should come in to fund the Drug Task Force for another three years. Ms. Goggia said charges will be filed in relation to the school bomb threat.


Treasurer Fessler said she is looking for a part-time employee as the employee currently in that position has found another job. Treasurer Fessler mentioned this part-time position comes with retirement benefits.


The elected officials/department heads meeting ended at 9:29 a.m.


10:30 a.m., County Noxious Weed Department Superintendent Duke Guthrie joined the meeting to provide Commissioners with a department update.


Mr. Guthrie presented Commissioners with the State of Idaho, Department of Agriculture Award of 2013 Federal and State General Fund Cost Share Funds. These are funds used to treat weeds for members of the Selkirk Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA). The Resource Advisory Council (RAC) funding has been postponed, according to Mr. Guthrie. The CWMA has been awarded $44,880 of Federal and State General Fund monies and approximately $14,000 should come specifically to Boundary County although Boundary County will administer the entire $44,880.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved that Boundary County accept the 2013 Federal and State General Fund monies for the Cost Share year 2013 in the amount of $44,880 and to authorize the Chairman to sign all related documents as necessary. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously.     


The meeting with Mr. Guthrie ended at 9:35 a.m.


9:40 a.m., Commissioner Pinkerton moved to go into executive session under Idaho Code #67-2345(1)b, to consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining or, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school student. Commissioner Kirby second. Commissioners voted as follows: Chairman Dinning “aye”, Commissioner Pinkerton “aye”, and Commissioner Kirby “aye”. Motion passed unanimously. 10:05 a.m., Commissioner Pinkerton moved to go out of executive session. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously.


10:05 a.m., Commissioners took a quick tour of property behind the Courthouse to further discuss Vic Rae’s request. The visit ended at 10:14 a.m.


Sheriff Greg Sprungl stopped by Commissioners’ Office to inquire about the meeting with Bonner County’s Juvenile Detention Center’s Director and to discuss vacation hours and the benefits of advanced vacation planning.


Sheriff Sprungl left the meeting.


Alan Flory stopped by Commissioners’ Office.

Mr. Flory and Commissioners discussed a documentary on timber management that he had made. Mr. Flory said he showed the same documentary to Amanda Cooke who is the Manager of Media and Marketing at American Forest Foundation and she was impressed. Ms. Cook said she felt the documentary is the message that needs to get to the public, according to Mr. Flory. Mr. Flory said Evergreen Wood Energy financed the documentary and now he’s looking at this and his business, and thinking about pushing forward by talking to businesses in community. This can really do something to help the community and to help communities that are similar.


Chairman Dinning said Commissioners have been discussing what mechanism to use and how to go about it and that video was a huge piece of it. There are some funds that have to either be committed or spent by September 31, 2013 and can be used for natural resource education. Commissioners really need to get message out about what it looks like before and after treatment and what it looks like when there is a burn.


Forest Service District Ranger Linda McFaddan joined the meeting at 10:40 a.m.


Commissioner Pinkerton told Mr. Flory that Commissioners could possibly help in getting this information to public television such as PBS. Commissioner Pinkerton mentioned discussing this more at another time, but to also include the Kootenai Tribe. Chairman Dinning said Commissioners have the same idea and understand it takes money to get things off the ground. It was said it would be good to get before pictures of the Idaho Buckhorn Project as it’s not just logging. Commissioner Pinkerton said he’s been back east and they think the west has just been logged off, but timber is not just cut and lost, it is cut and regenerated. Chairman Dinning said Commissioner could also contact the Tribe.


Chairman Dinning said Boundary County has unique things going on with the watershed and sturgeon recovery can’t be discounted as this plays into everything. Chairman Dinning mentioned burbot, the river restoration project and doing things to improve streams as can be afforded such as the Twenty Mile Bridge Project. Commissioner Dinning said how clean the Kootenai River is would amaze people so it could show that logging has not had an adverse affect.


Mr. Flory left the meeting at 10:45 a.m.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to adopt Resolution 2013-19. A resolution authorizing the disposition of election records of Boundary County. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously. Resolution 2013-19 reads as follows:


RESOLUTION  2013-19      




WHEREAS, Idaho Code 34-217 states that county election records shall be maintained by the county clerk; and


WHEREAS, the Boundary County Clerk’s Office has requested permission to dispose of records as outlined in Idaho Code 34-217; and


NOW THEREFORE, upon motion duly made seconded and unanimously carried,


IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the following records be classified pursuant to Idaho Code 34-217 and disposed of as follows until such time as Idaho Code regarding retention of election records changes.


The following records are to be retained for not less than five years and then disposed of by shredding:


·         Voter Registration cards for electors whose registration has been terminated

·         Combination election record and poll book

·         Declaration of candidacy

·         List of Absentee voters


The following records are to be retained for not less than five years and then disposed of by recycling:


·         Maps of precinct boundaries with legal descriptions


The following records are to be retained for not less than two years and then disposed of by shredding:


·         Correspondence relating to an elector’s voter registration

·         Completed absentee ballot request forms

·         Tally books


The following records are to be retained for not less than two years and then disposed of by recycling:


·         Voted Ballots


The following records are to be retained for not less than one year and then disposed of by shredding:


·         Absentee ballot affidavit envelopes

·         Personal identification affidavit


The following records are to be retained for not less than one year and then disposed of by recycling:


·         Notice of election

·         Unvoted ballots from the primary election

·         Ballot tracking logs

·         Record of the number of ballots printed and furnished to each polling place


The following records are to be retained for not less than 60 days following the deadline for requesting a recount or filing an election contest, pursuant to chapters 20 and 21, title 34, Idaho Code, and then disposed of by recycling:


·         Unused ballots

·         Official election stamps

·         Spoiled ballots

·         Any other election supplies not included in any of the retention schedules listed above



Regularly passed and approved on this 26th day of March, 2013.





                                                                                                                Dan R. Dinning, Chairman


LeAlan L. Pinkerton, Commissioner


Walt Kirby, Commissioner


s/                                                             ____


Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners

Recorded as instrument #256947


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to adopt Resolution 2013-20. A resolution to increase Juvenile Probation lottery budget due to receipt of unanticipated grant funds. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously. Resolution 2013-20 reads as follows:






                WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners, County of Boundary, State of Idaho, did establish an operating budget for the Juvenile Probation - Lottery Fund for fiscal year 2012-2013; and


                WHEREAS, Boundary County Community Justice applied for and was awarded a Restorative Justice Practices Grant through the State of Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections for the purchase of five laptop computers, a projector and screen, a surveillance camera system and to lease room space to provide an alternative for juveniles who have been expelled or suspended from school and for those who are not able to keep up with their school work an area to study as well as space for the Youth Accountability Board and community programs and classes for youth; and


                WHEREAS, $7,739.72 has been received from the State of Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections as reimbursement for the purchases approved by the grant as outlined above; and


                WHEREAS, the Juvenile Probation – Lottery Budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 is in need of this additional revenue; and


                WHEREAS, the addition of this revenue does not affect the tax levy for Boundary County; and


                WHEREAS, it is appropriate to increase the Juvenile Probation – Lottery Fund Revenue Account Number 67-00-324-00 and the Juvenile Probation – Lottery Fund Expense Account Number 67-00-762-00, Program Costs, in the amount of $7,739.72.


NOW THEREFORE, upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried,


                IT IS RESOLVED that the increase to the Juvenile Probation – Lottery Fund Revenue Account Number 67-00-324-00 and the Juvenile Probation – Lottery Fund Expense Account Number 67-00-762-00, Program Costs, in the amount of $7,739.72 is hereby authorized and ordered; and  


                IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk is instructed to deliver certified copies of this resolution to the Boundary County Treasurer and the Boundary County Auditor.


                DATED this 26th day of March, 2013


COUNTY OF BOUNDARY              



Dan R. Dinning, Chairman


LeAlan L. Pinkerton, Commissioner


Walt Kirby, Commissioner




Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners

Recorded as instrument #256948


Ms. McFaddan provided an update on Forest Service matters.


Those present discussed sequestration. Ms. McFaddan said this is a busy time of year for the Forest Service. The Forest Service is still dealing with the Twenty Mile Project and the Ninth Circuit upheld not having to get a discharge permit. The Forest Service is just waiting for document wording. The decision will be in September and sale in the fall. The Idaho Buckhorn letter went out last week for scoping. The project is fairly benign and the Forest Service won’t receive too many comments. Ms. McFaddan said she is working on the Kriest and Hell Roaring projects and working through the Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative (KVRI) Forest Subcommittee. The Forest Service makes the decision and the public has all the input they want. The proposed action for the Hell Roaring project is in the works and burn plans will be signed this week. Prescribed burning will be done in the Stampede and Ruby Copper areas. Chairman Dinning asked if the prescribed burn north of the Bethlehem Mine is included. Ms. McFaddan said she would have to check.


Ms. McFaddan spoke of the Forest Plan revision and waiting for the biological opinion from the Fish and Wildlife Service. Once that is done, the Forest Service will go out with the final plans hopefully in June. This is the first the Forest Service has had to go through this process. The positive side is talking to people as to what their concerns may be and to resolve them. Ms. McFaddan said other than that the Forest Service is just trying to get ready to open up camp grounds, etc.


Those present briefly resumed the discussion on sequestration and Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) funding.


The meeting with Ms. McFaddan ended at 11:15 a.m.

Commissioners tended to administrative duties.


Commissioners recessed for lunch at 12:20 p.m.


3:30 p.m., Commissioners reconvened for the afternoon session with Chairman Dan Dinning, Commissioner Walt Kirby, and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser. Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton was out of the office for the afternoon.


Commissioners participated in a legislative conference call. Present were: Chairman Dinning, Commissioner Kirby, Clerk Glenda Poston, Assessor Dave Ryals and Treasurer Jenny Fessler, elected officials from the remaining four northern counties and Fremont County and Seth Grigg, Tony Poinelli and Kerry Ellen Elliott with the Idaho Association of Counties. 


 The legislative conference call ended at 4:00 p.m.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.





                                                            DAN R. DINNING, Chairman







By: Michelle Rohrwasser, Deputy Clerk