P&Z Scheduled Meeting Dates

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets once a month, on the third Thursday, at 5:30PM in the Courtroom of the Boundary County Courthouse. Refer to the Agenda of the next meeting date to determine the content for the next meeting. The schedule through 2017 is as follows:

  • January - 19th
  • February - 16th
  • March - 16th
  • April - 20th
  • May - 18th
  • June - 15th
  • July 20th
  • August - 17th
  • September - 21st
  • October - 19th
  • November - 16th
  • December - 21st

            3.6. Planning and Zoning Commission

            3.6.1. Continuation: The Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission is continued to serve as the deciding body where authority is granted and in an advisory capacity to the board of county commissioners on other land use matters as established by this ordinance.

            3.6.2. Membership/Compensation: The planning and zoning commission will consist of nine members, who will serve voluntarily and without compensation except for reimbursement of expenses specifically authorized by the board of county commissioners.

            3.6.5. Meetings: The planning and zoning commission will hold regular meetings once per month except when no agenda items are scheduled, and will hold special meetings or workshops as needed to conduct the business of the planning and zoning commission, as approved by the chair. Pursuant to IC 67-6504, at least nine regular meetings will be held each calendar year. The regular meeting date, time and location will be set by motion and majority vote of the planning and zoning commission at the first regular meeting of the calendar year.

            3.6.6. Meetings will be Open/Quorum/Voting by Proxy: All planning and zoning commission meetings will be conducted to conform to the requirements of the Idaho Open Meeting Law. In order to conduct business or make motion, a quorum of half the assigned membership, not considering fractions, plus one member. Vote by proxy of a member anticipating absence at a meeting is prohibited, though the absent member may submit written comment for consideration on any application or item on the agenda.

This schedule may be altered depending upon real-time events. Please use this schedule as a guide, only. Contact the Planning & Zoning Administrator 208 267-7212 concerning schedule questions.

Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 17:30 to Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 19:00
Boundary County Courthouse/Courtroom
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