Work underway on county-wide addressing system

Private Road Signs

As we continue the process for E911 addressing in Boundary County, signage is an essential element for the addressing system to work.  The county roads now have names and at the present time Boundary County Road and Bridge personnel are installing the signs.

Those of you on private roads which have approved names may now contact Gary Falcon to order the sign.  The signs will be a blue background with white lettering.  The total cost to you will include the sign, the bracket and the post. Once the sign is ordered and received, the Road and Bridge Department will install the sign at no charge to the public as their schedule allows.

A printable sign application is available by clicking here, or you may get a copy at Gary Falcon’s office, located on the backside of the Extension building.  The sign on the door says “GIS Mapper." He is in the office Monday through Thursday. For additional information, call 267-5395.

For those of you with a hand-held GPS unit, input the following: latitude 48°41’43.66”: longitude 116° 18’ 50.88”) and navigate to the building.

Work is currently underway to identify all the roads in Boundary County, public and private, that need to have names attached to them.


The Boundary County Uniform Address and Street Naming Ordinanceordinance (for the full text, click here) was adopted June 21, 2004. Under that ordinance, a five-member Boundary County Street Naming Committee will be formed, with members serving four-year terms with the task of determining the process to be used and then putting names to all of Boundary County's roads. Additional information may be obtained by calling (208) 267-5395 or by emailing GIS technician Gary Falcon at


Falcon, who spearheaded the effort on developing the ordinance that is paving the way for a permanent addressing system that will meet the needs of the U.S. Postal Service and advancing 911 technology, working to identify and plot all roads that serve three or more residences or other addressable structures so they can be included on accurate maps that will be made available to emergency services personnel. On August 18, County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2005-29, renaming established County Roads. To see those names, click here.


Falcon is still working to identify all private roads, and he needs the assistance of county residents to find them all, and to obtain permission to be on those private roads so he can develop the mapping coordinates. To read a list of all road and street names currently in use in Boundary County, click here.


County residents living on private roads that access three or more residences are encouraged to call Falcon at 267-5395. Information can also be mailed to Gary Falcon, P.O. Box 419, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805. Falcon is in his county office on Monday through Thursday.